Webmaster to eight dominant network

ten years ago, Ma Yun founded Alibaba, put forward the concept of "network", as a media comment: "ten years, ten years, an enlightenment; an industry cycle; ten years, an industry inflection point". It has been in the past ten years, the next ten years, the pattern of e-commerce will be? I want to is the founder of Internet media, webmaster friends should more clearly than the general e-commerce users, the real opportunity in the next ten years.

when you find many once boring Internet open Benz drove BMW away from you, have lamented the influence of electronic commerce. Now the network has become the number of geometric growth, many webmaster Wangyangxingtan: "so much competition, I can do it?", but you have not found, you really lose chance? I dare say that the era of e-commerce, network operators do most has the absolute advantage of the group is the webmaster…

first, webmasters understand the network. Whether you are entering the ranks of the rookie webmaster webmaster, still growing yet successful small webmaster, you will enter this industry, the first is because you understand the Internet, for the future of the Internet is full of confidence, then take your dream into the Internet media force production process and go forward with great strength and vigour, regardless of the webmaster than the average number of Internet users as a boring bar.

second, information and information, webmasters than ordinary Internet users to grasp more information on the Internet, information is the premise of efficiency.

third, the ability to learn, not to mention the webmaster with their own site for the rich content of the experience can easily and quickly grasp the contents of the new online information.

fourth, shop building, whether it is a shop decoration landscaping, or content added, which is the main thing for the owners of the bank, they have been skilled can quickly improve efficiency.

fifth, network promotion, network marketing webmaster have more experience. The operation of a web site, itself is in the network marketing, through the provision of quality content or services to bring the flow of visitors into the site’s revenue.

sixth, based on the resources, the webmaster itself is holding a more than one site, these sites can also be instantly become their shop promotion guide media.

seventh, supply shop, station in the construction site, the learning process collected lots of materials, or own many electronic materials, such as source code, tutorials, tools, webmaster worthy of the name became collectors, the value of a lot of things in their own hands is the value of his own value, but also there is no station based on their own value and these things in life worth? Taobao has many sellers sell the source code, many of them are holding their own collection of copy to sell, sell a copy of a copy, obviously, in the face of China thirty million webmaster, this is a unlimited supply of goods, a lot of things. A lot of things that you feel, if you >

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