The Spring Festival Alipay red 59 yuan on average single highest 260 thousand yuan

yesterday, Alipay announced the Alipay red data from New Year’s Eve to new year, during which there were more than one hundred million users use Alipay red envelopes, the average amount is 59 yuan.

Alipay revealed that during the Spring Festival, excluding repeat after Alipay more than one hundred million in the number of red envelopes. Only the new year’s Eve, there are 680 million people participated in the Alipay red game. Ma Yun in the first 19 days red password zero 19 points out, looted 999 thousand and 999 red envelopes in 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

data also show that in the first two days of the new year’s Eve to the first day of the Shanghai region, the user issued a total of 10 million 390 thousand red envelopes, is the country’s favorite red envelopes of the city.

in addition, Mr. Zhu in Hangzhou during the Spring Festival, issued a total of 64520 red envelopes, the total amount of 260 thousand yuan, becoming the most generous Alipay red in the nouveau riche.

Henan Xinxiang Miss Lu, the Spring Festival has received a total of 3057 red envelopes, a total of 3490 yuan, become "Alipay red bag king".

during the Spring Festival, the average amount of 59 yuan Alipay red.

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WeChat team news yesterday released data show that new year’s Eve to the fifth day (six days), WeChat red transceiver total of 3 billion 270 million times, new year’s Eve receive a total of 1 billion 10 million times.

WeChat personal red envelopes during the Spring Festival peak appears at the beginning of the new year’s zero to zero 02 minutes, the peak value of up to 1 million 650 thousand minutes per minute was opened. Contrast last year, WeChat red this year, further popular". In fact, WeChat red envelopes only in February 10th this year, the total amount of single day has been more than 10 times the value of last year’s new year’s eve.

from WeChat shake feature being touted in the Spring Festival, the first day, there are 75 million users through WeChat shake for 378 million merchant coupons, the value of 3 billion.

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