Short domain favored Oriental wealth also enabled CN domain name

      it is understood that sina Sina.cn, Sohu Sohu.cn and so enable a short CN domain name.

      video portal: 6rooms has also enabled 6.cn

      in addition to these two well-known portals, there are already more and more sites to start a shorter CN domain name.

      recent financial portal Oriental Wealth Network (eastmoney.com) has also begun to enable the CF5.cn domain name.

in view of this situation, the reporter was interested to visit several industry insiders, they believe that the domestic web enabled CN domain name for the user is undoubtedly a good news, the future users will have less input letters, more important is a brief note: such as Standard Chartered Bank enabled.

According to the latest data of

China’s domain name registration management agency CNNIC shows that since March 17, 2006, China officially opened the CN domain name in just a week, the number of registered CN two domain has exceeded 110 thousand, so that the total CN domain close to 300 thousand. CN domain name so rapid growth rate, and the COM domain name registration volume continued to decline in stark contrast. Reporters learned that some users have to give up the COM domain name to CN domain name, a major reason for the CN domain name has just been open, rich in resources, can be registered to the satisfaction of the domain name. In addition, due to the CN domain name dispute under the jurisdiction of Chinese law, and the United States under the jurisdiction of the jurisdiction of the COM domain name is more secure, more conducive to the protection of the interests of Chinese users.

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