Today’s e commerce market is really meet the needs of the people

e-commerce development trend in recent years is very rapid. This situation, not only for the majority of Internet users to provide a convenient online shopping platform, but also for many entrepreneurs who bring hope. However, the birth of an industry, there are advantages and disadvantages, it is inevitable. I hope our country can really introduce some good policies to regulate the domestic e-commerce market.


e-commerce has led to a number of industrial chain, but its essence should be based on a strong logistics support. I’ve always believed in this, and I’ve had a lot of experience. This is the B2B, B2C, C2C e-commerce operators have been taboo. I am a e-commerce operators, I also have their own products. I am here today to express my remarks, I am sure that the logistics is very much questioned. Of course, I certainly hope that China’s e-commerce can be as mature as the United States, I hope that e-commerce can really bring more convenience to the people!

very difficult to understand, why do you want to put some false things on the Internet to sell, why sell no one stand up to stop talking. Slogan is someone shouting, but there are a few people can really do it? Can not regulate the market and why to build a number of so-called shopping platform?

recently, a Guangzhou foreign trade network received a mail from the United States, because the foreign trade network is built by private, no formal business license and the relevant translators, are not a foreigner in the mail inside exactly what this statement? So small boss is looking for a student to translate e-mails. About the content: how can Chinese do this, too immoral, even selling fake fake LV bags and NIKE to us, despise Chinese! The boss finally find someone replied: Chinese NIKE and us, China backward economy, the quality of NIKE is not the same. Foreigners who are anxious: we know Chinese America owes you money, why do you cheat us, Chinese money is stolen? Then this foreigner asked to return, Chinese small boss refused, disputes caused by, yet treatment. Take the price 30 NIKE sold to Americans is $120! Had to make people ashamed ah, " Chinese really will do business ah! This situation exists in the e-commerce shopping online, nobody asked, who is very much.

‘s logistics is quite suck, a while ago, my colleague bought a mobile phone to the son of the university. Stolen on the way to college, my colleague of mine was so frustrated that I asked him to call the courier company. He said the complaint is useless, complaints are his own phone company, there is no real supervision department. He called the courier company, said quickly: the goods have been signed, not in charge of his son did not sign their own, but their school guard on behalf of the sign. Asked the guard, the guard said, is the courier to sign it, the courier rushed to send express, anxious, did not wait for his son to come to the front of the guard sign. Here, it is obvious that two problems: first, the lack of experience of their guards, >

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