Tmall officially released the eleven double sales charts as the biggest winner TV music

news November 12th, 2014 Tmall "double eleven" to 57 billion 100 million yuan of the total turnover came to an end, who is the ultimate winner of this shopping carnival? May be released from the Alibaba ranked official Tmall sales category discerned. Haier, JACK&JONES and other brands are sold for two consecutive years to win the championship, and some even for three consecutive years to win the title, become a veritable selling tyrants". Music as TV this year for the first time to participate in Tmall double eleven to 39 thousand units of sales, sales of $158 million, ranked the top of the class before the electricity, Tmall this year, become the biggest winner of the double eleven.


in the Alibaba announced the eleven double nine categories ranking, ranked in the five place of the maternal and child class are wonderful and comfortable, Balabala, good boy, Disney, in the home of curiosity; at present the five is LoVo, mercury, Anna, Bo Yang, Meng Jie;


furniture category of the top five are Lin wood, all friends, KUKA, Jalam, Huari; mobile phone currently five are millet, Meizu, HUAWEI, apple, Samsung;


electric class is currently five Haier, Midea, Hisense, music as TV, millet.

shoe top five is camel, AOKANG, red dragonfly, yelikon, BELLE; men’s top five is JACK&JONES, peacebird, Mark Ed Faye, GXG, Romon;


ranked in the top five women is starry, UNIQLO, Yin man, Artka, at the beginning of language.


outdoor sports class currently five is Adidas, Nike, Pathfinder, camel, Lining; men’s top five is JACK&JONES, peacebird, Mark Ed Faye, GXG, romont.

it is worth noting that the data from the Tmall eleven, Haier, JACK&JONES, Adidas, the camels had won the championship. JACK&JONES has been three consecutive years to win the double men’s champion of the eleven. LETV TV is this year’s first year in the Tmall "double eleven" super TV, only 19 minutes sold over 30 thousand units, sales amount exceeded 120 million yuan, breaking the record of eleven single brand Tmall double day sales record last year. November 11th full day, super TV sales in the Tmall mall over 39 thousand units, total sales exceeded $150 million, breaking last year’s Tmall dual TV sales record of eleven, Tmall’s largest electricity to become a dark horse".