Chen Youyou my grassroots webmaster Taobao webmaster career

today from the Baidu alliance to see the Federation of records can contribute information, feel that the growth of the network there are some can be written, put it out to write a look. What is the first wish to talk about the grassroots? According to Baidu encyclopedia explanation: Grassroots representative of this group of people: they know they are excellent than others, eyes wide, the stage is larger than others. But they are simple, low-key, love everyone around you, not arrogant, very happy proud. The network of grassroots popular speaking I think it should be summarized as: not majors in college, do not understand or know little about the network technology gradually in a group of people learning. This is my understanding of the word "grassroots". The Internet has a lot of grassroots, in November 2007 I joined the middle, from what do not understand the beginning of my career.

I want to have a website of my own!

wanted to be the webmaster, you must have one of their own website, "Baidu is the best teacher" this sentence has been circulated in the webmaster heap, I believe many grassroots teacher is Baidu, I also, in your most vulnerable time, through the Baidu search for answers, even if not very detailed and fully comply with, can be of great help. I know from Baidu, "how to do" from the input, see a blog program PJBlog, set up a website is very simple. Enter the PJBlog forum, these plates make me look extremely depressed, but. What style of what plug-ins were vague, finally see a "PJ-Blog" point in the download program, was also through the Baidu know some basic problems to the domain name and website, and the space program. Then with the help of a friend to buy a domain name and a 3 yuan / month of the so-called "charge space". 3 points at the same time the night finally set up the site, but also made my life the first blog, and now the site is not, but the data is still retained, I have always regarded as a collection. The first article is written like this:

Title: personal blog blog at

won the 200M server yesterday want to do blog with

finally set up a successful

is really difficult ah speed is not good

was a little better in the middle of the night

did not do a good job three o’clock midnight

really tired, mind is setup

got to find it is actually very simple.

is not very funny? Even said he took the 200M server, in fact, now go back and look at my previous article, something that is not a meet, before some wrong ideas yourself will feel very funny. I often talk with some new friends, the website needs patience, may wish to do a blog updated daily exercise of their endurance, etc., you slowly grow up, and then look back on my previous article, you will know how to enhance their own.