Jingdong in 2014 to be listed on the Liu Qiangdong is still the largest shareholder

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time in 2013, the Jingdong founder Liu Qiang to visit East Mall tour in the United States during the Jingdong’s momentum has been relatively low-key. Since 2013 Liu Qiangdong returned from the United States, the Jingdong groups in a short period of January and the major business intensive held dozens of field conference, once a day the truth you participated in four business conference, two Jingdong held.

although Jingdong conference is from the perspective of the market and group strategy to preach, there is no mention of the listing plan. But such a dense conference, probably in foreign Jingdong to promote strong and confident, after a conference of the Jingdong, the Jingdong reported a 2014 listing, foreign media rumors of Jingdong will in 2014 in the United States market, the amount of financing is expected to exceed $2 billion, a record for creating financing Chinese IT enterprises.

Although the

Jingdong listed by the foreign media to spread, but careful analysis, the Jingdong may really be listed in 2014, regardless of the shareholders and the market account, or planning for the future development of the Jingdong based on the market has been to the string, to the point of an arrow. Jingdong since it is going to be listed, we first inventory of Jingdong’s previous financing record:

if calculated in accordance with the publicly available investment nodes, Jingdong mall has conducted a 4 round of financing, the total amount of financing over $2 billion 200 million. The 4 round of financing Jingdong mall had respectively: 2007 is today the capital investment of $10 million; by the end of 2008 to obtain capital today, bull capital invested $21 million in early 2011; DST, 6 Tiger Fund and other investment fund of $1 billion 500 million; $700 million D round of investment in 2013 Canada and the Ontario teachers’ pension fund and the Saudi prince.

we can calculate the size of the previous financing Jingdong, a total of more than $2 billion 200 million, after several rounds of financing is not Liu Qiangdong and other Internet heavyweights, the first major shareholder status. (currently, the founder of Baidu, Alibaba and other Tencent, first-line Internet companies have lost the position of the largest shareholders, most of the shares in 10—20%


according to the truth Jun exclusively learned, although Jingdong after 4 rounds of financing, but Liu Qiangdong is still the absolute largest shareholder of Jingdong, with absolute right to speak. But if the Jingdong listed in the United States, Liu Qiangdong has a 99% chance of using AB ownership mode, which means using less shares to get more of the voting rights, investors only need to rely on the rapid development of the company can enjoy the benefits, not necessary to interfere with the Jingdong’s business affairs

addition, according to the truth Jun exclusively learned that Jingdong has been profitable since 2012, the so-called loss of money is just a smoke bomb Jingdong said. There are three reasons: the Jingdong each promotion war frequently markdowns, none of several hundred million, in fact, none of these is true, but the bleeding is not Jingdong, but the Jingdong of businesses on the platform. Each.