Electric jungle lone wolf can not copy the Amazon

it is not like apple glowy, produce a disruptive impact on the industry, but it will continue to reach the unknown business, people feel frightened more than apple, no wonder the "business weekly" will call it a monster devouring the world.

it’s called Amason, a popular, but not beyond the legend.


electricity supplier jungle lone wolf

1999, the book "the world is flat" author Thomas · Freedman said bluntly in the "New York Times" column: "the Amazon is destined to fail, others can build an Amazon in the bedroom."

Amazon is not in Freedman. Today, as the world famous Amazon as it is full of vitality, and become a surprise the world of apple, it is not only the world’s largest retail enterprise WAL-MART uneasy, its success (dabbled in the field ahead of Google cloud computing, launched 5 years to push Apple’s tablet computer let tension etc.), leaving many high-tech companies to shame.

stunning low-key

has the nickname "Emerald City" of Seattle, is the United States recognized "the nation’s best live and work", this is not only due to its typical marine climate, fresh and clean air, is that here is the distribution of high-tech companies.

in eBay, Facebook, Microsoft and other companies have to declare to the outside world they are, you are not from the neon night sky of Seattle found in the Amazon LOGO.

it is low-key to even outside its headquarters office building, there is no one logo. Reporters in the streets of Seattle can not tell which building is located in the amazon.


low-key incredible, with cement after simple processing of the walls, showing a rugged and rough, people feel like staying in a large garage. Amazon staff said, this is Bezos in order to commemorate the company founded in the garage and deliberately created feeling."

however, it is a very low-key company to create a huge online business empire, with the most advanced global retail industry in the warehouse, the first launch of cloud computing services, reading e-books and lead to revolution would make apple tablet computer. Today, it is second only to Google’s market capitalization, is the world’s second largest Internet companies.

put these results on other companies, is undoubtedly worth showing off capital. But in the eyes of Bezos, earnings and performance are all the clouds. He wanted to create an everlasting customer-centric company.

‘s trip to Seattle in 2011, "IT" reporter Geoff and Time · Bezos sitting face to face together. It is hard to imagine that the outside world is known as the father of the Amazon CEO end