Wang Xing the United States and the United States is a new group of businesses and individuals

"8000 employees, 300 seat open city station, 50 cooperative businesses, 4 billion month turnover" around the daily data of meituan are refreshed, CEO Wang every day in the face of these massive data problems.

recently, Wang Xing with a string of numbers behind this challenge, visit to Shanghai Darunfa chairman Huang Mingduan. During the meeting, Huang Mingduan beauty group, "relative Darunfa, your company scale is small, the number is too small, the problem is not significant".


evaluation has a strong impact on Wang, he realized that "all problems are standing in contrast to different perspective, what is the thousands of people with dozens of people, or the thousands of people with Darunfa tens of thousands of people?" on the U.S. group, "one far forward" reach the end point — the 600 million intelligent mobile phone users, the U.S. group covers only 1/6; the group purchase industry rare "left", is trying to convince the people struggling to expand service areas of life.

in January this year, Wang Xing in an interview in twenty-first Century economic report suggests that business sense of the simple group purchase group became "behind the" group purchase, the mobile Internet to culvert under the trend of gradual evolution, the real jungle beauty group is connecting businesses and individuals, to provide users with the service providers to idle away in seeking pleasure "". No doubt, this means that the management of a larger team depth into more areas of service, as well as access to adequate capital support.


idle away in seeking pleasure, independent fruits fall off when ripeThe overall strategy of

America group is a large platform to do the full implementation in idle away in seeking pleasure, needs a App. If the user segments have more depth requirements, based on open account in the US, "App," after the independent group purchase stage, location of Wang Xing of the United States mission to find another accurate footnote: "connecting people and businesses to form a closed loop can track, the previous trading links on the line the gradual shift to online consumer experience; online payment, O2O trading line, is the core of our entire industry."

What is the

industry O2O the most suitable landing point? "Generally speaking, the higher the degree of IT business, O2O is easy to do, or say, this loop will be more complete", Wang Xing pointed out that the film industry is just a O2O compliant model: regulatory requirements to continuously improve the cinema ticketing system. So ahead of the film industry IT.

if only do group purchase business, the United States mission system does not require complete access to the cinema, but the following problems are often, consumers in the popular group purchase ticket handheld games a hard to find. The cat’s movie viewing to solve the pain points of consumption. The complete embedded ticketing system, users can understand the real-time scheduling and seat in the film "cat eye film" independent mobile applications, online booking, seat selection to complete one-stop payment.

"this is our first launch of" the important reason for the opal film ", the film industry is ultimately not the largest body, but because it is the most rapid IT". >