Discussion on the management mode of network store

you still have no business troubles? You still do not know how to take care of the shop and then at a loss what to do? Let us develop a set of their own business model! I am a novice to talk about a period of time to keep the shop feeling lonely. However, for lonely point but there are still harvesting, say not in place also please enlighten me! I believe this sentence: when you can’t hold on, hope is not far away. A bit like Shelley’s poem, "can spring be far away when winter comes?" so much so that it can also be a part of it in loneliness. The same passion at the first shop and the shopkeeper are overflowing, but when loneliness comes is really intolerable. A period of time every day to learn predecessors in the community experience, learned a lot of experience, but also feel very confused, do not know what the method really suitable for their own, a tiger to eat the day where mouth feeling, finally with the help of friends and their summary and from the feasible to do their own a set of network management mode, every day on the

!The first thing

1, every morning is to recommend a baby full, we all know that we are going to recommend under the framework of the baby, had a night some baby may be approaching the shelf time, you’ll need to recommend a ready point here don’t explain is the shopkeeper if the shop baby varieties would be as much as possible the types of baby recommended. The role of the recommendation that we all know that I do not say, if you do not understand, then you can go to the community to see where there are some posts on this. In particular, there is also a question of what the front and bottom shelves.

2, the new baby on the shelves, the new baby to pay attention to the shelves, the rules are allowed to set up a day can only be up to the top 100 baby, more likely to start you oh. On the new baby has two problems, one is the darling of the title, key words everyone knows the importance of how to design a suitable keywords according to their baby, the shopkeeper to a lot of stuff ". I have deep experience, many popular keywords other dispensers are used, then I have to do? Do not last out, "copy" others, but this is not to say to people like twenty others used to belong to you just. Oneself. The two is the description of the baby, for the description of the baby every time I tried, but I don’t feel satisfied, finally the shelves, but I think as much as possible to write something, detail. A baby description of the problem there are many forum posts, as seems to be quite different, but you have to look carefully will find in different, think that every shopkeeper will be added to some of their own experience at the time of writing, I think it is necessary to Study hard one, ha ha.

3, perfect their own shops, how to improve their own shops, first is to purchase Pu Pu, buy after the function is relatively more, I heard that now Taobao for the newly opened shop discount, a month to 25 yuan or more cost-effective.