Double eleven file 2000 yuan sales champion 360 Encore ultimate 17 days to sell our mobile phone

in the past eleven double, 360 of our successful host, ranked four among the domestic mobile phone brands (HUAWEI, millet, Meizu, cool), was friends affectionately known as "Citibank sister" and 360 of our mobile phone ultimate has also become a double eleven period 2000 yuan sales champion. As a mainstream flagship mobile phone configuration, and has the world’s first "black and white color night vision Mono + double wisdom perturbation technique and the main security card 360 OS 360 our mobile phone 2499 yuan Netcom ultimate will re released in November 17th 10, offering a platform for our mall (http://s. www.qiku.com), Jingdong (http://s.item.jd.com/1964374.html). Want to buy friends can be prepared to rush ahead.



: 360 our mobile phone ultimate will be in November 17th 10:00

on sale again

from November 1st to 11. 360 our mobile phone has evolved for 11 days. During this period, the youth version of the stock on sale; double eleven day from 0, ultimate (double 4G) Tmall starter, ultimate (full Netcom) re sale. The majority of consumers to take practical action to support the focus on user experience and more high-quality pursuit of the new mobile phone brand, our final 360 Tmall dual 11 new brand leadership award, also won the outstanding sales performance: Tmall double 11 sales ranked fifth, Jingdong 11.11 domestic mobile phone sales ranking fourth.


Our mobile phone ultimate

360 uses the current mainstream flagship configuration. Appearance, the 2.5D arc glass collocation 6 inch 1080P SHARP health screen, 1.4mm ultra narrow border build up accounted for 83% of the screen, can enable consumers to obtain visual experience, fully and delightfully; design of aircraft grade magnesium alloy airframe integration design, the dual camera without the raised 200 steps to create a work process, 165° hand arc design; like iPhone, zircon sand sand cover process, to the user with exquisite and excellent metal touch grip handle. The hardware configuration, using Qualcomm snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB ram +32GB of storage space to run collocation, dual card dual standby, support CNC system standard, so that consumers get a smooth user experience; the front 8 million + rear dual camera 13 million, the color temperature of the flash and a variety of fun shooting modes, to the user with a stunning photographs of interesting experience relying on the 360 strong security company; gene is 360 OS, the main safety light electricity, safe from the bottom of the system to protect mobile phone. With a property isolation system, dual WeChat, cold storage, harassment and other exclusive security interception performance, a full range of security to protect the user’s machine, not afraid to steal, not afraid to lose, not afraid to cheat.


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