Favorable net China Softbank capital injection level of up to tens of millions of dollars


favorable entrepreneurial team, the figure for Liu Yannan


technology news November 15th afternoon news website P2P favorable today announced it has received A round of investment Chinese Softbank capital, in the amount of ten million U.S. dollars. This is the first time in China Chinese Softbank investment Internet financial enterprises.

favorable network was established at the beginning of this year, the founder of the investment bank Liu Yannan, who worked at Merrill lynch. Compared with the peer-to-peer lending, pat loans and other P2P companies have characteristics of favorable network lies in the introduction of the third small loan companies to lenders to audit checks, in order to control the loan default rates.

third party microfinance company has a large number of resources under the line lenders, but also has a relatively complete credit audit team, which is just established Internet companies do not have. The favorable net hoping this model to ensure that the lender’s credit qualifications, and thus reduce the loan default rates. It is advantageous to official sources, favorable online project if there is breach of contract, compensation by the third party small loan institutions.

bad debt ratio is a key indicator of the operational status of all loan companies. Ali Chen Dawei, President of small and Micro Finance Research Institute has said that now some of the company’s bad debt rate of more than 2% P2P, is a more dangerous approach. If the bad debt rate of P2P can be reduced to less than 1%, Ali small micro (that is, later split independent small and micro financial services group) can also be considered to do P2P. This also means that the future may face more giant P2P field into.

Liu Yannan believes that any industry can not avoid competition. But the financial sector is not a monopoly, the giant does not mean that other homes will enter the bottleneck. Another focus of small and micro financial group is currently facing Ali system within the business, enabling network and other service users still have very big difference. In addition, the Department of Ali, small and micro finance also no mature credit data to control risk.

according to the official disclosure of the data, the current net profit of more than 3 million yuan a day, the cumulative turnover of $250 million. Favorable online cumulative registered users over 80 thousand, the average loan amount of about 60 thousand yuan per. Liu Yannan said that the next year’s favorable trading volume target is 5 billion.

it is understood that the favorable online loan annual yield of more than 12%, can be more than 20%, but most of them yield was attributed to the third party small loan companies and inject people income, as an intermediate platform enabling network revenue at about 1%-2%.

domestic well-known P2P companies, including the existing letter, pat loan, the letter should focus on the line and pat the loan focus on the line. Behind the capital institutions are IDG and Sequoia capital. (Li Yun)