Training 6 a month to quickly build 1000P

  30 days before the Spring Festival sprint: free website construction training for a period of 3 days, a lesson of the class of to quickly reach your site of 1000 IP

free training by the station graph king speaker, the 6 year experience of personal website there are thousands of successful webmaster experience concentrated in this month. Hope to be able to develop a friend, change a little, or a little inspiration.

                  returning to everyone, today is the number 11 from the end of this year, only a week’s time, glad to have a few friends recently said that traffic get rapid promotion. The site itself is also very tired, dirty work, dirty work. Pain and happiness. Tired and holding on. Victory is ahead.
1ting music station at the beginning of the site, at 2 months of instant noodles 2 months, not down. There are more such stories. Zhi Hui zhi.

              marketing techniques previously on the almost more skill you need to understand. Master led the door, practice in personal. I dare not call a master. But in each of my articles, concentrate all my energy and ideas. Why should I? Is for my users, in order to my readers, we all use the same idea to think about your site, promotion is also the case, can not be regarded as the object of Internet users. Intentions, is an attitude, but also a promotion method. If you think I said good, please in your webmaster circle of friends, QQ group in the propaganda of a Admin5 you the most benefit news. Talk about today’s topic, we began to do content on the basis of traffic to do content, pay attention to a few key points.

  run a website, do you want to design for the development of the website what kind of strategy? Web site development strategy is the first step in the operation of your site, but also the future development and growth of the core. A no development strategy of the site, there must be no competitive website. Strategic management guru Michael · Potter believes that an effective strategy must have 5 key points: the unique value orientation, carefully designed for the customer value chain, clear choice, interactive, persistent. From these 5 aspects, explain my understanding of the site strategy. (1) unique value orientation. Web site must provide valuable services for users, it is best to provide unique