Twelve friends said Taobao first and then discount price Alipay paralyzed



note: some netizens complain, "Twelve promotion is a portion of the goods first and then discount price promotions (TechWeb with


TechWeb editor: is a portion of the goods first and then discount price promotion: a 120 clothes, first mentioned 399 discount to sell 150, than the original price is also expensive 30 yuan; more netizens said, need not only buy, buy promotion. The reporter understands, promotion yesterday, once again let Alipay into a jam of paralysis.

recharge page is difficult to open

yesterday after 0, many users together under the "buy now" button, the official curtain declared "national berserk activities. According to Taobao, in the first minute, users online at the same time, up to 2 million 700 thousand people; in 10 minutes the traded items 510 thousand pen, Alipay trading volume exceeded 100 million; in one hour, the turnover reached 475 million, turnover of 2 million 780 thousand pens.

It is reported that

, the "double 12 national berserk activities launched a number of" the whole point of activity". Among them, the United Alipay to recharge over 100 to send 100 envelopes, at the end of the feast for participants donated about 10000000 yuan cash envelopes "encouragement". About 120 thousand of Taobao users receive a gift of $100 red envelopes, the red envelopes can be purchased on the 12 day of non virtual goods. In order to extend the promotional time, charge 100 to send the activities began in December 8th, the 100.

The citizens of

Miss Li is loyal users of, that charge 100 to send 100 "after the event, she began to try to recharge in December 9th, but until the 11 day time without success, the reporter learned that many users have had the same experience, and missed a charge 100 to send 100. During this period I probably tried about 6 times, but each time can not be successfully brushed to recharge interface, display failure. And because it is the whole point recharge, it is impossible to count every time. I do not feel that it is a pity, so buy things slowly." Miss Li said.


, relevant responsible person said, because the start instant influx of huge crowd, leading some users will be unable to open the page. After the start of the activity has been basically restored.


into a jam paralysisAs of

yesterday at 11:30 in the morning, the women’s category turnover has exceeded 300 million yuan, has 4 stores trading volume of more than ten million. As of 2 pm yesterday, Taobao home sales turnover reached $256 million.

in the part of users crazy snapped at the same time, there are users complain, Taobao is the first part of the price of goods and then discount promotions, disappointing. Net friend "sjkk" accused, a 120 of the clothes, Taobao merchants transferred to $399, >