Millet Five Secrets of word of mouth marketing

lead: Lei Jun said: Ali, you do not spend a penny MIUI when the mobile phone is not able to do this? We can not continue to not spend a penny to open the market? "


we did a 30 million marketing plan, where customers want to borrow the existing media resources plan to do a month’s national core signs promotion, the face is Lei shot dead". He said: Ali, you do not spend a penny MIUI when the mobile phone is not able to do this? We can not continue to not spend a penny to open the market? "

1, the Internet is the reputation of the king

Google knows this truth: "everything is a center with the user, all come in a throng." 2004 Google launched Gmail e-mail, it is entirely dependent on word of mouth. At that time, Google provided only a few thousand Gmail trial accounts, people who want to try, it must be invited to go. A limited number of "invitation codes" are rapidly becoming popular around the world and are used to exchange a variety of things, such as a two night vacation in Dubai, or a postcard exchange in San Francisco. Even in the UK, Gmail account eBay the above bid up to 75 pounds, I had to get the invitation code is also tried. This is the first time I have been Google’s strong reputation effect vibration.

the rise of many Amoy brand is also relying on word of mouth spread. For example, "starry" with the design and selection of fast tracking fashion, in all kinds of shopping in the community are female users recommend key brand share; skin care mask category "Royal mud square", the origin of the special nature of the raw materials of mineral mud as a selling point to attract a lot of female users sought to become the leading in the Taobao brand and facial type; such as nuts category of the Amoy brand "three squirrels" in the mouth under sold more fire, I and many of my friends have experienced.

Business logic is the traditional marketing

because of asymmetric information, the dissemination is smashing advertising public relations, in short everything is loud. However, the new social media pushed everything, the spread of the outbreak of large, the proliferation of information to a radius of 100 times, thousands of times, the frequent emergence of overnight fame case.

information symmetry allows users to vote with their feet greatly enhanced. A product or a service is good, the enterprise itself does not count, we have the final say; good news or bad news, we will soon be able to share through social networks. The equal information characteristics, but also make the network public space have a strong public opinion and self purification ability, can not really fake, really can not fake.

2, the essence of word of mouth is the user thinking, is to allow users to participate in a sense of

based on the Internet to participate in the sense of thinking, for the traditional business, similar to the science fiction "three body" in the dimensionality reduction attack, is a different dimension of the world of confrontation, the more popular is the "day changed".


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