Talk about the nternet marketing through the end of the Year Award

at the end of the year, there is now a few happy tears of the scene. There are two main reasons, one is the holiday time is different, some people may be able to put nearly a month off, and some may even have the Spring Festival forced overtime, the contrast of the mood contrast more; and the other is this year, more and more people pay attention to year-end bonus, some may be worth millions of harvest the bonus, but some only harvest two bales of celery, a bag of toilet paper; two people’s psychological feelings must differ by one hundred and eight thousand.

In fact, the

year-end bonus was born, is the boss of the enterprise in order to repay the employees to pay but appear, so we think that the natural year-end bonus of an employee’s value is created with their company’s benefits is proportional to the. As a matter of fact, it is also true that, for example, we hear the high bonuses are the kind of sales, because such employees may create amazing sales performance. However, in reality, is not directly proportional to, such as some boss himself made a million, but only to give their employees 10000 yuan or less, and although some bosses earn only five hundred thousand, but even more half share to fight for their employees. I think we all know, in the face of these two bosses which we will choose and work hard for it.

here you might think that I said here did not have any relationship with the marketing, as if to say how people and how people work as their own lives. However, I do not think so, I think the reason why this is called marketing, there is a certain truth, we all know that the meaning of Chinese characters with the combination of the font is very relevant. The so-called marketing is the business and sales, we may think that when we grassroots website, we are not in order to sell things, we just want to have more users to visit our website, and then earn advertising fees, we don’t have selling our stuff to the user. In fact, this is just our sales, not to charge users, is to allow users to consume time, then they are free for our promotion, to know if our own promotion is to consume a considerable amount of effort and money.

I think the Internet marketing, is a top-down process, of course, here is not the upper and lower positions, but the process has been. I think it is the first of their own to the project team and marketing their own management, then our team to let users outside marketing their own website, and finally to the user has never been to our website marketing to free of charge for our website promotion. Regardless of which process, only the lower reaches of the upper reaches of the people who think they are good or helpful to be recognized, and then completely accept these things, in order to achieve a successful marketing. But the truth is just like a year-end bonus, only let the staff think the boss and I was standing together, will be most willing to for their efforts, and create more profits; it is the first marketing to others favor, so that people feel will give you good feedback, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of your marketing the. < >

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