Whether the product should be considered in the design of the profit model

Internet products want to profit, traffic is the key. A lot of the company’s products are the first to explore the business model of traffic slowly.

but another view is that at the beginning of the design is to be considered, if it is not destined to not do this product profit.

which view is more effective in reality?

, that’s what I think.

and some entrepreneurs to chat with friends, they will think "on idea to get the money, go step by step to know what the market is like, and then look at their products how to profit," generally feel that the profit pattern of this entrepreneurial problem when A first round to clear enough.

personally, I don’t think that if my boss doesn’t want to make a profit model, I don’t think he’s going to make it clear when he decides to start a business. When a lot of people start to resist thinking about profit model, I personally think that is a kind of thinking into the wrong –

they think the profit model must be original, can tear a hole in the market.

is not, however, the profit model is too simple, but it is a "my company is so profitable" truth. As we all know, the Internet world profit but three: electricity, games, advertising, even if there are not three completely with the underlying business, you can also be a closer to.

we do hardware, what is the profit model? Or by high margin hardware to make money, or is on a lower profit run, and then rely on the software in the value-added services, advertising, and other consumables to earn money.

but if a man pulled me in hardware, and then said: I just want to do a similar and millet hardware, lower profits to sell, and then expand the data, financing, and then rely on the data to make money! I will smile away.

many entrepreneurs love to indulge in playing with some of the terminology, what outlet, flow entrance, forming a closed loop mode, B2C, B2B, C2B2C will talk about, like F2B, if you can not come up with an innovative idea, profit model, business seems to be meaningless, this groundless statement in the past two years It is often seen. entrepreneurial environment.

back to the problem, the product at the beginning of the design, we must think about profit model. You can design every details of the products, is in service, the earnings process of every aspect, not to waste of resources in any one place is of no great importance, to survive in the competitive market, to win the next round of financing is the only proper course to take, trial and error this matter should be in a stable the income after the breakthrough point to do other income, rather than in the beginning stand instability of the time to do.

a chestnut.

you go to the spot, is to calculate how much money, purchase to stall


is the first purchase, see how much can be sold in

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