Venture Godfather Peter Till entrepreneurs to sow innovative fire

"venture capital Godfather Peter · Steele recently came to the Tsinghua University, Dean of Qian Yingyi College of economics and management and share of venture capital theory and experience the most cutting-edge. In March this year, Peter at the Tsinghua University college opened "founding a new enterprise — a new observation" Sino US elective courses for Tsinghua University, undergraduate and graduate students in various departments open fire to bring innovation China entrepreneurs.

founded a new business – the new observation of the United States and China, a total of 16 hours, Peter personally taught, and Chinese students face to face their own teaching experience and thinking, in-depth exchanges with Chinese students. The course also incorporates his latest ideas and theories. In the process of teaching, associate professor of accounting department, Tsinghua institute director China enterprise globalization research center Jia Ning and Peter · Till; together with the students on entrepreneurship venture between China and the US for comparison and analysis, in-depth observation.

students talk about harvest: from 0 to 1 of the value of innovation


saw life idol Peter ·’s very happy today." Liu Huicheng, founder of Tianma space-time network technology Co. Ltd. in the Peter · and Dean Qian Yingyi dialogue steele. "My experience with the company in 2014 was very similar to that of Peter. We all did the same thing at the same stage of our life, and many of his theories and experiences gave me direction."

Liu Huicheng

Peter will be from 0 to 1: open business and the future of the secret, the book has turned over many times, but also a lot of notes. He will Peter respected monopoly profit, scarcity of value, the concept of serving as their own creed. He agreed with Peter, the Chinese market is very large, but there are many competitors, the model is very easy to imitate. In such a fierce competition, it is difficult to achieve a shift from 0 to 1 if it is always copied by others.

2016 Tsinghua EMBA spring, new Beijing sunny medical chairman Wang Hongli also participated in the dialogue, Peter’s theory of reverse thinking inspired him, Wang Hongli said, the reverse thinking is not a "minus" in front of "anti" and not "reverse thinking, reverse thinking is a kind of creative thinking, thinking of others did not think of things, in the development of enterprises in the use of" reverse thinking "problem.

Tsinghua EMBA more healthy and pure learning and self promotion platform

Tsinghua School of economics, the course is not only to meet the needs of Tsinghua EMBA students, but also highlights the unique advantages of Tsinghua EMBA project management. Compared with other business school EMBA, not only the history of precipitation, as well as the spirit of Tsinghua heritage, pay more attention to the concept of running a school and standardized education. Tsinghua EMBA curriculum system is a major advantage." Wang Hongli when talking about the choice of Tsinghua EMBA courses, said. Liu Huicheng also said that the choice of Tsinghua University and other schools because of EMBA

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