With big data marketing thinking analysis Taobao and the pros and cons of the media to open shop com

is the last 1 years WeChat marketing (referred to as micro marketing) in the world, but also the most popular grassroots marketing, limelight over the past more than 2 years ago popular micro-blog marketing.

said WeChat marketing magic place, nothing more than emphasize the conversion rate, but from the point of view of data marketing, can not look at the conversion rate, depending on the absolute amount.

along with the rise of WeChat micro shop, WeChat shop, we often put them and Taobao, Tmall contrast.

with data to see micro-blog WeChat marketing

to 13 years of micro-blog marketing of the fire in 12 years, many articles have analyzed micro-blog marketing, which use more data is transformed from micro-blog into Taobao store and order rate is 3%, ROI between 1:2.5 to 1:9, which put a piece of money, produce 2.5 to $9 in sales.

according to some media data, the conversion rate of 4.3% in the public account of WeChat, after the spread of the click rate will be about 29.7%, click on the original reading about 4.3%. Of course, this does not include the public account in the micro group, circle of friends forwarded results, so if the conversion rate is much higher than micro-blog, but it is possible, the key to see spread. So some of the lectures, they said the conversion rate is the number of reading / service number, the conversion rate of 20%, 40% are not uncommon, see how you calculate the conversion rate.

there is an exaggeration to say that 1000 WeChat is equal to micro-blog. The foothold is that the vast majority of the 100 thousand powder zombie powder premise.

said that before I published an article, I micro-blog fans close to 8300 (basically true powder), the spread of the 23 thousand reading, interactive about 20 times. WeChat subscription number just began to use, only about 100 people, nearly a thousand friends, more than and 30 people (including the crowd of 500), subscribe to read more than 100 times, the number of times a few times. Of course, this can not be used as a marketing case, but said that if micro-blog fans are true, compared to WeChat, it is not bad. In accordance with the above mentioned 20% conversion rate, this time I spread micro-blog, equivalent to the number of fans of WeChat’s subscription number 100 thousand spread. Not to mention my 12 years of an article, was forwarded directly and indirectly thousands of times, hundreds of thousands of direct reading, plus an indirect affirmation of millions of reading. Of course, this is difficult to appear in the marketing (unless the money), public interest in the article is likely to spread.

Taobao or micro shop venture

first to compare the advantages and disadvantages:

1 Taobao advantage is a free flow (although the amount is not too large), micro shop was soliciting, free flow can be neglected;

2 Taobao advantage is the management of restraint mechanisms, so users may be more at ease, micro shop threshold is very low, new users may have hesitation;

3 Taobao disadvantage is that operating management costs will be higher, micro

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