Blog network promotion actual combat

buy advertising position, the exposure rate increase, but the maturity was removed after how many people did not know your website. Buy site links, website weight increases, but users still do not quite understand what your site is doing. How can the website’s information integrity, efficient and accurate delivery to the target user group?

group risk

when people choose a mass email, QQ group and other crazy advertising, but it is costly and time-consuming, although the software in the operation, but do not increase your web traffic, and even cause the user antipathy to your site. This forced advertising to the user, just like your mobile phone received an advertising message, you will not be immediately removed carefully look. The same as your QQ mail or group of advertising information, I believe many people are ignored. If such a web site often appears this will cause the user’s curse.

SEO optimization

of course, there are a lot of people use SEO to get traffic, ranking, etc.. I understand that this estimate is still relatively good, but still can not be avoided by the risk of K, after all, search engines hate someone when they are idiots. But do not know the end is death, can also be of interest to look at a few of the more famous SEO website, on the mouth when talking about how to optimize, and their website is K. This is a flicker of the nature of some users do not understand the network will be deceived. Although the traffic will come to some, but rely on the search to what users, they also come and go, because they do not understand your site. Unless your website content is very strong, can stick to the user, so the station I don’t think I need promotion, users will also help you spread the word of mouth, as you often see people to write articles, feel good directly reproduced even recommended to their friends to watch.

soft Wen promotion

here to talk about how to use soft text to allow users to understand both your site, and bring a lot of traffic and increase the weight of the site. Smart people will choose soft advertising, but many people also hate soft advertising, so soft, what is good or bad? This can only be said to be neutral, because of relatively poor quality of soft advertising, the user would call can backfire. But good quality soft advertising, users can not only learn some knowledge they need, they are willing to help you take the initiative to spread, in this regard, Ma did a great job, often see many examples of believe in the circle of people, I do not cite. And many users like to add a link in their own articles, for some good quality articles, reprint rate is also high, the chain will indeed increase a lot. In the promotion, a lot of people can’t write no resources do not know how to do here can buy the A5 blog union extension service, because the columnist wrote, the authority is also high, the user will not have some resentment, after all they write with a lot of knowledge in it, users can get them want, so happy to help spread. After all, good content to attract users, but also allows users to participate

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