Promotion of small game station

game to make money as we all know, the small game station is also followed by dipping. Now the web game heady, said the average person in the consumption of the registration is 30 yuan, you see 4399 now and others to promote cooperation in web games, it can be said that the money is big. To know that 4399 of the daily visits of 4 million. (envy me)

but how to promote small game station?

first optimized search engine

optimization search words, 1, is the optimization of keywords. But not too hard to optimize, slowly, if you start with the very hot technique of things, Baidu simply ignore you, slowly add keywords, but to have a degree, density control in 2-6 percentage points, the title to include the main keywords, but not blindly stack, otherwise optimization of up to K. 2, is to continue to do the connection, although the connection can not bring much traffic, but the chain can be more than the number of words to optimize the rankings, pay attention to the word to be connected. 3, is to continue to promote your website. The general method of optimization search on these and other heresy use well OK, otherwise will die.

little game station can not completely rely on Baidu, or Baidu to give all the search to 43994399 is not so large. This depends on the following second

if your game is open fast enough, and more fun, especially the games you can try to some of WEB2.0’s website to promote, if successful, the increase of traffic can be beyond your imagination. Because these sites clearly share music, share the game. Fenger games this website is so promotion.

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