What are the causes of QQ space constraints and how to deal with

we know micro-blog’s fire, know WeChat’s fire, but few of us do this piece of QQ space. QQ as a chat tool, is now the largest number of users, we have such a habit every day, that is, stroll QQ space. This habit has been formed, it is difficult to change. So now we do space is an advantage. Compared to WeChat, QQ is easier to do, as long as our content that good, every day hundreds of friends grow up that is not a problem.

we do QQ space marketing, one of the most headaches is that we will encounter a variety of difficulties. For example, the limited space, sometimes our content was not ready, so some friends will scold you what, sometimes the content is copied by others also have friends will say. This is not a problem for us, good habits, do the network this one, the most important thing is to have a common heart, look a bit. In particular, do QQ marketing, your ancestors eighteen generations have been asked again that is very normal. Since the QQ space is the most difficult for us, then we all know what is the reason, we have to do after the first


then I’ll talk about why it’s limited.

1 picture violation

2 signature violation

3 describes violations

4 log violation

is usually the contents of these violations lead to our limited space. The picture is our main illegal space picture or the edge of jurisprudence and the contents of three signatures, description, log, these are as long as you are with the yellow edge we need to pay attention to, even if you haven’t found it what thing, but the latter can be said, most of these systems check, check the day to you that no one knows, I only own zirendaomei.

usually when we choose the content they should pay more attention to the content, as long as the content is illegal, we don’t go, even can bring a lot of hits and forwarded, but we need to look at the long term, if because of these content resulting in limited space for us, so we is not worthwhile. Here and we can calculate a bill. General space is limited to four to fifteen working days, take the most realistic, the money we are all interested in it. How much money do we take an ad, with a little money to do? We take this, your space is limited to half a month, then your income will affect thousands of thousands, the number of people to do more of the big losses.

there is a headache is our friend. Take us to imagine, if we pay attention to a number, but the number of days or even longer time did not update the content, then we will? May focus on one or two, not much attention to what feeling, you will feel this, not change the other, so it will take you directly to the.

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