How to use network marketing to do marketing for traditional industries

when it comes to network marketing, many people will immediately associate to build websites, writing articles, design pictures, etc.. Most people are doing traditional business, because most of the time are busy with the current business, no time to learn the computer, I think playing computer is a young thing, often have a sense of fear on the network. I can’t imagine using the Internet to promote his business. So, the traditional Home business can, or need to use the network to promote their services?.

can say that all businesses can use the network to do marketing. For example, a barber shop on the street. The technology now can not say through the network remote control Haircut. But if you are the owner of a barber shop, if you store an average of 10 customers a day, a week of 500 customers. After each haircut, you can ask the customer to leave his name and email address at a 10% discount. If 50% people are willing to leave their name and email address, every week there are 250 customers, 1000 customers a month, if you insist on the first half of the year, there are 6000 customer database.

to a certain time, for example, a week of business is very light, only 25% of the appointment. How to do? If you have a collection of your customer database, you can send them a email, tell them to thank you for your trust and support of customers, you are in this week to make a promotion, each customer appointment one day in advance, will enjoy a 20% discount. In this way, you do not have a penny of advertising costs, you can make your business immediately prosperous.

is giving an example. There is an adult goods store (www.ssguo.com), but also the use of network marketing has achieved great success. What they do is to let every customer who comes to their adult store leave their name and phone number. Let them not to send the customer timing email tell the customer that some of the key use tips, such as with customers to establish a good relationship. One day, the store design a coupon, with email will be sent to all his customers this coupon. As long as you print out this coupon, you can enjoy 15% of the next time you buy the product. Moreover, this shop with further. Allow his client to forward this coupon to email’s friends and so on. This circle is getting bigger and bigger, in such an example, he took advantage of the virus marketing approach, to further tap the marketing network marketing power.

is another example, the United States has a very good business restaurant one evening, unfortunately the whole house on fire, and all equipment are on fire. Fortunately, the boss of the company bought insurance. However, the application for insurance claims from the company, to create a new restaurant, it takes 6 months. If a restaurant is not open for 6 months, his client must go to another restaurant. 6 months after the opening, all need to start anew. However >

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