How to place a website to do a household name

when the national web site users click on and to capture and kill, Cidaoxianhong, I at a local web site is like a quiet child, grew up, every flow steadily, now also is known,

is known to every family!

combined with the promotion of course for nearly a year, summed up some of the more successful promotion methods, share with you.

first, the content is always king, this is the number of sites and a commonplace talk of an old scholar, there is no difference. To include a wide range of well-known sites in the region, and careful classification, reasonable arrangement.

secondly, the local web site is different from the national web site, to highlight the local characteristics. This is actually very important, so that people who visit the site has a kind of feeling. Take Fujian site navigation www.min513.com my website, more like the Fujian introduction, the history of Fujian and Fujian people introduced the local characteristics of the local customs and practices can response content. Can obviously feel a cordial feeling when you visit this, but also rich in many feel content.

more than two points is the content of the site itself factors, the next few points, is in the website promotion experience.

third, and the local news portal website cooperation, such as opening a column, and the content is provided by the cooperation website and update. In fact, this kind of site is also very willing to cooperate in this regard, to bring them to the flow is also considerable. For example, my website and the window of Fujian, Fujian news network and so on has maintained such cooperation.

fourth, and the local Internet cafes, Internet cafes to set up the site for the IE home page, and you need to do is to open up a page on the home page to do links for Internet cafes do publicity. Internet cafe staff mobility, which allows more people to know your site, expand local visibility.

fifth, propaganda in the post local well-known forum, if it is ordinary advertising stickers, will be the first choice of the spot bamboo delete, but this kind of local web site for them is not a cold, bamboo is reasonable and practical is not practical, convenient or not they look after naturally make a choice.

sixth, become the sponsor of the event, for the event to do promotional activities. Corresponding to the merchant’s posters, activities on the label marked website LOGO and links. Is an occasion to rally the feeling.

in fact, there are many methods for promotion, local web site, here is the list of several commonly used, the effect is good, hoping to give the vast number of friends to play little role in


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