How to break the Taobao index a


today, I met a customer told me that Taobao’s business competition is too intense, product prices have dropped to 30 yuan, but did not have a lot of customer traffic improvement, but she told me. A small number of customers into the store will be basically traded, called me to help him analysis. Today, I will teach you a few strokes Taobao product index set price tips:

first product price, is your product user groups who are, if your product cost is 60 yuan, and you want to sell only 30 yuan consumption ability of customer groups, so obviously the flow of guests you even if there is no precise needs, can not produce orders. The same as shown below: if you are in mass consumption price bottom line is 106 yuan, and your product is much higher than the price is too low or too, unless you have a very strong credit guarantee system, otherwise you are very difficult to attract customers to buy your product. This time you the product title, I want to go to a new XX product in 2013 105 yuan shipping, may let the customer orders.


product user groups positioning, any products are divided into three grades, because any product in the face of the user groups are different, as shown in the figure: facing the novice level and different grades of primary, intermediate and senior level, the hardcore of the product price game player needs is not the same. This figure and the figure are the same as similar products, I just put the level of buyers to adjust to the senior level, there is such a difference. So, if your product is in the face of senior buyers. Then you will be bold to adjust the title of your product is: in 2013 the most popular XX products 116 bags of mail and the cheapest practical XX product package of $73.

finally, I would like to remind you that the adjustment of the price of Taobao products can also be adjusted according to the buyer’s identity, age, geography and other factors. Of course, this is only one of the Taobao store operating index system. The source of information from the Nanchang Yue Yue blog: www.0791cs.com welcome you and me and Li Leiting more Taobao index exchange discussion.

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