Suitable for small and medium enterprises network marketing program

with the development of electronic commerce, Chinese business gradually from the "visible" to "invisible", through the network realization of e-commerce trading platform is still in the primary stage of development, many small and medium-sized enterprises to establish the network of the city is not very mature, mall to do marketing personnel less, investors are also reluctant to expand investment. No experience, no funding and marketing team, so the mall site how to develop marketing? How to do? How to make their big brands? How to achieve product sales promotion? How to improve the flow of ranking in the search? All these problems are all problems, there is no warning, no complete scheme to withstand scrutiny, we are trying to get the solution. Now I do in the marketing of small and medium enterprises to do marketing methods to share with you, we exchange, learning.


website marketing mainly includes the promotion of soft paper, Baidu know, bulk mail and SEO and so on, our website early in the face of the absence, should first be a free platform to attract users, some paid items.

a soft Wen promotion program

1, a share of the banner, publish your website promotion of soft space in Baidu and Douding nets, register multiple accounts to his article scoring, download their own articles, the purpose of doing so is to let the soft realization of Baidu library search ranking. Baidu library is to take the number of downloads and the number of scores to rank, and understand the principle, you will know how to make text ranking, but you have to ensure that the quality of soft text and publicity.

2, in a number of well-known forum released your promotional soft Wen, such as the home of the webmaster, webmaster forums or seowhy search, etc., with the power of the forum for your website to win a good reputation. At present, the most influential forum website is the webmaster and webmaster forum, the article is easy to be reproduced here. To publish the article in these two sites need a certain skill, first of all, is a high quality soft Wen, the article content can not exceed the provisions of the site, to cater to the preferences of the site. As the two site preference is to share and innovation in the article into the specific user experience, to cut into the topic from the perspective of innovation, introduce some useful marketing methods, but also the best in this article with specific data such as the demonstration, likely through the examination of the very high.

two, Baidu know promotion program

The premise to promote the

1, through the Baidu know is to know Baidu registered dozens of accounts, each account of the keywords related to the product, the user has to know when to ask questions by Baidu, Baidu will help remind you, then you can make the answer immediately. Of course, not too blatant propaganda, not all the answers are plus website links, but each problem based on the first few answers are pointing to the same answer, the propaganda effect is ideal.

2, dozens of registered Baidu account is also a

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