How to do a local portal network promotion

in the station’s home to see a lot of promotion articles, just feel it really hard to implement, write this article is just to let you know more about my grassroots experience!

first step: set reasonable channel and plate

my site starts to look like a lot of things have to accommodate to go inside, but it will greatly increase their workload, especially personal website, so I initially set up local news website [] [auto] [] [] [real delicacy tourism] this setting is because each plate can and the local business model hook.

[local news]: at first only in Baidu and local related web site search news, after their own news to make their own modifications.

other channels need to do the update of the article, you can copy the article from a large site and do a simple modification can be. Late must from each channel gradually development and promotion, such as the establishment of the exclusive QQ group and then daily published updated article to each friend group, in the group can also chat with the way every day told the group of friends today updated article that, in order to guide home! Will also be more active in the group.

here to focus on the forum and portal station how to do a good job update, my approach is to update the forum, and then pushed into the article, so that the article and the forum is not solved the problem of emptiness.

second step: do a good job site SEO optimization

this is needless to say the Internet because this kind of article is more, but I want to say is don’t put too much like Baidu optimization is not included, do the optimization of each channel of each plate and the home page, there is no need to do each article with the keyword! This is my personal experience!

third step: stick to update the article every day

this is indeed very tired but very good, local news every day is to adhere to the update, for channel or plate I am every channel update 5, their own printing has a work table, every day will make a mark. This is up only 30 articles updated every day but, some people may say is not less, but if each one in their own language to do some changes, make false original or original is good! She may be a total of only 3 hours is not much can do promotion! The other time


fourth step: do QQ related promotion

QQ related promotion is nothing more than QQ friends, QQ group, QQ space, QQ friends, QQ micro-blog

The establishment of

friends in their own communities and groups to tell you their own stand new articles, but to use the third person to release, such as "I’m so can ah! How can this add links, curious people will click into the.

now a lot of procedures are integrated

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