The three strategies of website promotion

website, first of all to content is king, the second is to promote the. On their own experience, a website design accounted for 30% of the workload, and promotion will be accounted for 70%, not how to achieve promotion website site value? Don’t let website promotion was friends known? Obviously, website promotion is a necessary step. So, how to let the site as soon as possible by the search engine included in the initial site how to promote it?

first, focus on the audience groups. Whether it is website promotion or goods, need to focus on the website of the audience, take Ji’nan real estate network for example, obviously, this website for the group is to buy a house, renting group, which is different from the online shopping group. In general, frequent Ji’nan online real estate for many people to buy a house, rental demand, so as to promote the industry website, try to consider with the developers, second-hand housing network and real estate related websites Links, which will attract the attention of users of this part, these will slowly flow into the user.

second, look at the promotion method. The so-called promotion methods, outside of search engine optimization, exchange Links, blog promotion, soft Wen promotion, QQ group and other forms of promotion in the Admin5, Chinaz and other sites are described in detail, this is not in detail. In fact, you do not care how much promotion website promotion, the key is to see how you use these methods to promote integration into your product; like the Ji’nan second-hand housing net in soft Wen promotion have distinctive method, on this site I visited the soft, very much embedded this site, although only a soft in the writing, but to promote web traffic has played a good effect. So, the method into the website promotion, can go to the good effect of the method is a good way.

again, the most important thing is to see the execution. Is a good way to adhere to the so-called, there is the so-called patience, confidence, and execution is the key to network promotion. Maybe you will have such a misunderstanding, to each method’s execution attempt? Or according to each method regardless of whether the effects persist, in fact, these ideas are not correct; generally speaking, as long as it can bring flow method, can be used. But note that a strong executive power, he is not a choice to give up easily in a short period of time the invalid promotion, he encountered a problem first thought is that the way to solve this problem, instead of giving up. This is the new, special attention should be paid. This article first Ji’nan online real estate reprint please retain copyright!

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