Rapid access to web traffic

Before you do anything,

will use the keyword tool to do a wide range of surveys to see which keywords are used for your site. What are the key words of your direct competitors? Are there any market potential keywords that you haven’t discovered yet? Maybe you could develop a whole new area of


1) domain name

if you want your site to be quickly remembered, choose a domain name that reflects it. If my site is called a comma movie (Tudou), then register The key point is to try not to exceed two combinations of two words.

2) avoid the sandbox

buy your domain name as soon as possible after you determine the key word and company name. As soon as possible to get the site set up, put a simple page to tell others who you are, what to do, as well as the site details will come out immediately. Make sure it is Google and Yahoo. (can be submitted or connected to the station from other sites)

3) create content

for your site to make some real original content. This will give the spider something to look forward to, and it will give you the opportunity to learn more from the search engine results.

4) site design

adhere to the "simple" approach. Call an external CSS file, clear the page on the Java Script code, using an external file to call them, do not use the framework, use Flash to use pictures, do not make the entire station Flash. Not to make the site garish, let visitors feel. Keep it clean and simple. Make it easy for visitors to find what they need without looking around.

5) page size

your page takes KB as little as possible — especially the home page. Optimize those images to make the page load faster. Most of the people in the West and the network speed of the enterprise is very fast, but in other countries or mobile phones may not be. If your site is slow to load, it may have lost visitors before it is accessed. (this is also mentioned in the previous article to use a better space)

6) availability

make sure your site follows some usability rules. Remember, people spend more time on other sites, so don’t challenge design habits. Do not use PDF files for online reading. Use different colors for visited connections, with good size headers. Look for more information about usability, which will benefit you a lot.

7) site optimization

use the key words you choose in the title (the most important), and then the size of the title and text as much as possible. Make sure your page / content is about these keywords. If you want

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