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our website since its revision in July, which used the domain name, the domain name before this is done for the purchase of alliance forum, also in the local popularity, and not for-profit. And now used to do home improvement, building materials industry website, popularity, promotion, target customers have to start from scratch.

initially, we find the largest local building materials City advertising, through the various ways to pull the 2, a relatively large amount of advertising costs of the 3 pen. Is to keep the basic daily expenses. Perhaps the beginning of a smooth, difficult to estimate the late. The next for the release of the joint production of home improvement manual because businesses are not enough to participate in advertising pages do not go together, the cost is not going to go down, and ultimately lead to this activity stranded. Immediately after the promotion launched (including websites, newspapers, (TV media spend too much, have not the resources to do the TV)), district buyout, brand alliance, real estate transactions will be one after another because of various reasons and ran aground.

and the focus of the site has not been enough to promote the poor access to the poor. SEO has also done a number of before, but also done QQ group, forum, Baidu know, post bar and the like, also want to buy traffic. But then I thought, because the local industry stand, some garbage flow did not bring any benefits to our target customers (for example, Beijing Shanghai even see our website business, can not be all the way to our purchase of goods). So there is no good way to improve traffic.

outdoor advertising has also done, newspaper ads have done, the clerk is also pulling out of the ads every day is actually to do their own promotion. But the problem is that the popularity has not come.

analysis of their own, the reasons are probably so few:

1. Local network maturity is not enough, the Internet search information is not high. Older do not use a computer, the young is basically chatting online, playing games. In other words: consumer groups have not formed or relatively lagging behind.

2. Merchants have not yet come up with their own network promotion awareness. Many business reactions are most interested in outdoor advertising, bus body advertising. Price is not high, the effect is good.

3. The website itself propaganda is not enough, the content of the site is not attractive enough. Can not really do a good job to provide customers with real-time and effective information.

for the first time to write this, may be a bit messy, I think this time is really a bottleneck, I hope you will give advice.

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