The latest and most detailed website promotion QQ group promotion strategy steps and guidelines

wrote in front of the words:

After the establishment of the

site, in the content of the foundation, the most important thing is to promote. "Wine is also afraid of deep alley, at this site as the era of soaring over the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, not to promote your website, it will never be full of customers.

website promotion method is very much, each have a recruit, perhaps a lot of people say QQ group promotion method has already passed, why do I still want to write this website QQ group promotion strategy and steps guide?

I want to say is, he did not go to practice, do not fully believe that people experience speech, because the real to do one thing, different people have different effects, for example, give you a good sword, but you cannot force is not enough, the birth of the power of the sword, and the sword is ordinary but, if it is Yang Guo, a sword in hand, is matchless.

According to my personal

real promotion is fun site experience, a QQ group is absolutely the best on the website promotion method, and as long as you use it properly, it is a sword, timeless, and more with the more sharp, invincible, invincible.

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said QQ group promotion, you must first analyze their own website, below I introduce the situation is a fun site, you can make their own website analysis. Is the development process of fun sites

my site,, after the establishment of the early to do a good job of content, Baidu and Google search engine is very much like the spider to climb every day, and many times. Soon after a month, just to catch up with Google’s PR adjustment, I set up a month’s new station, directly from PR to 0, and was Google adjusted to 3. At that time, because of the new station, he also felt nothing about PR. Only later did I know that this speed can be said to be very fast. Because my other friend said his station, from 0 to 1, from 1 to 2, and then the whole process is very long.

I will Google on my website 94 fun preference due to the early site, I do a better search engine optimization of website is fun, because I am in the name of the website is "is fun network, positioning is very accurate, is to provide a fun, creative, fresh, new content so, the optimization of keywords and title are in place, the structure of web application is also good. Of course, this is just the one hand, on the other hand, is the early establishment of the fun site articles are original, it seems the most key factors I think this is the search engine to judge a site quality.

so if there is a new friend is standing, the best is the steps: first, began to be positioning, identify several keywords to optimize, for example, my goal is "fun" this word to do Baidu first, and other fun and the word, now has reached the target.

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