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originally wanted to borrow "4· 19" fire a vip.com, but fell into the peer plagiarism door. Jumei.com senior vice president Liu Huipu, published a long before micro-blog, vip.com accused suspected of selling fake, theft, plagiarism authorized copy. In the face of these accusations, vip.com responded that the sale of goods is legally authorized genuine, there is no plagiarism. Some analysts believe that vip.com was accused of plagiarism jumei.com, is on the surface of both sides of argument in brand authorization and product quality, is behind the present situation of the electricity supplier industry impetuous.

plagiarism storm

from the beginning of 2013, "a website" specialize sale of vip.com in April 19th defined as a member of the sale will belong to vip.com, "4·" this year; 19, vip.com is to be upgraded to a "global sale". But in vip.com’s beauty products have appeared in the pages of jumei.com LOGO.

it is understood that, as of the evening of April 17th, some of the goods vip.com beauty sale of promotional materials, such as rainbow mask, facial mask and posture Lide reservoir, jumei.com with the money commodity is exactly the same, some photographs appear directly in the United States won the brand exclusive license ". 17 pm the same day, Liu Huipu with "we haven’t really intend to buy vip.com published long micro-blog, accusing vip.com of theft, plagiarism, suspected of selling fake authorized copy.

in micro-blog, Liu Huipu posted with jumei.com models, LOGO, vip.com and other words exclusive page screenshots, and drying out the JK, Claire and other South Korean Brand Company official response document expressed doubts about the authenticity of the goods vip.com. Liu Huipu released the long micro-blog jumei.com CEO Chen Ou repeatedly reproduced, 18 evening, Chen Ou said: "micro-blog, eventually had to apologize, did not wait until the forged authorization explanation". Ou Chen said, jumei.com’s legal department will take action today.

face these accusations, vip.com to the Beijing Business Daily reporter showed the response statement. The statement said, the only product will the sale of goods are authorized by Party is genuine, and brand or brand authorized legitimate distributors, from the regular channel procurement of goods, there is no so-called plagiarism in the page. "These beauty products are designed by the supplier. The emergence of the page is the problem of vip.com to provide suppliers with the design of the page is not strictly caused by the audit." Vip.com relevant responsible person said to the Beijing Daily reporter from fake questioned merchandise, partly through brand agents purchase, vip.com promises are legal and genuine, all the goods are genuine Pacific insurance. For jumei.com this apology, the official said not to respond.

market impetuous

behind this vip.com and jumei.com slobber battle, exposed the situation of beauty electricity supplier industry impetuous. China Internet association credit rating center legal counsel Zhao occupation pointed out that the United States makeup electricity supplier industry front

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