Different stages of the development of online promotion methods should also be different

often see everyone in the community to share their own Taobao shop promotion experience, there are new to consult me on this issue. In fact, I have always said to you, there is no way to promote online shop, only for their own is the best. Because each person’s resources, the core competitiveness of each shop in different business categories are different, so in the shop in the process of promoting only the reference, should not copy.

but for the novice, for weak individual shop operators, my advice is to seek online promotion in different ways in different stages of development, individual superficial summary, we hope to help.

first stage: the heart of the seller

common characteristics of the heart of the seller —- supply instability, lack of funds, lack of operating experience shop. At this stage, there is no strength to invest a large amount of online promotion costs, there is no need to invest. The reason is very simple, the scale of the development of the store is limited, lack of credibility, lack of trust, investment and output is difficult to directly proportional. In addition, due to service, supply can not keep up, but also restricts the development of you. At this stage, I advocate the promotion of the use of free resources to improve their shop reputation. For example: the Taobao community to write posts, participate in gang activity, the conversion of personal blog traffic, the use of interpersonal relationships, etc..

The core target of

in this stage is to improve the credibility of their shops, there are two famous cases in this regard, a particle is another jewelry, clothing grade, common development ideas of the two shop is to use cheap goods to improve credibility. Meager profit jewelry network just three months rushed to the crown, clothing grade crown also took only five months, is a very good example.

second phase: diamond level

to the diamond level, store credibility has reached a certain degree of credibility. In view of the current Taobao shop online promotion methods, I recommend that you use a through train, the train is a good tool, has been controversial in the community, but I personally agree.

at this stage, through the use of the car is also a lot of skills, the first is a small investment, training shop popular baby. Other popular baby training success, single product sales reached a certain degree, then you can consider improving single key words and categories of bid. Let your baby hold the search page for a long time in front of the fixed position, adhere to the continuous promotion. This cycle is generally around 15 days, after the investment of these 15 days, your conversion rate will be greatly improved, investment and output tend to be proportional to.

third stage: crown level

at this stage of development, you have to get rid of the individual combat’s individual business, started their own team. A single train can not meet the needs of the promotion of online shopping and their own development. You can try the diamond booth, selling tyrants and other large-scale advertising, because the shop’s reputation, sales strategy, after sale processing can digest such a big

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