Analysis of blog marketing

Amazon Co was founded in 1995, headquartered in Seattle, the United States, has become the world’s largest online retail site. In the Amazon, you can see a variety of books, footwear, toys, baby supplies, groceries and other 28 categories of leisure products. According to incomplete statistics, a total of more than 260 finished goods.

why Amazon could have made such a big success? What is the meaning of Amazon’s success for us? In fact, Amazon as a business service platform, its success in addition to adhere to the theme of "customer-centric", it is in action. This point. This is the difference between a successful enterprise and an unsuccessful one, and the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one. Many things are easy to say, just say, who wouldn’t be? Can really do make us respect. Amazon is such a can do, and do the best of the enterprise. Now, let’s see how Amazon works.

Amazon is developed with the help of the Internet platform. As the saying goes, the trouble should end it, Amazon also want to know on the site became a hit, but also rely on the Internet platform to promote, to do marketing. In the three years after the founding of the Amazon Co, that is, in 1998, the new blog in the United States began to pop up. Amazon just as an opportunity to start their own dynamic blog marketing career!

if you want to use blog marketing, then the author of the book will have a blog. This will not only be able to narrow the distance between the author and the reader, so that the smooth communication between each other, but also to allow readers to communicate with the manufacturers of zero distance. To this end, Amazon invented a new program – for all readers to open personal blog readers.

we do not look down on this move, Amazon is on the same line with the author of the book, the common goal is to sell books. How to better sell books? If between the author and the Amazon despise each other, each other against each other, you say that this book will sell out? Of course, Amazon did not do so, is not like other web sites, and the book is only the author business relationship.

Amazon from the customer point of view, the author of the book to open a personal blog, so that customers can buy the book to understand the author’s writing process, to allow both sides to treat each other. But for the author, but also the publicity on the blog of their own works, Why not?? there is an important link in the process, is the author of the blog to do marketing. If you do a good job of micro marketing, book sales is not a problem. Is the so-called "no sell books, not only the sale of books", therefore, the hardships of the Amazon blog marketing strategy research. As the saying goes "nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it". Amazon has finally come up with a better strategy.

at that time, the new program Amazon is trying to develop in the primary

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