Five years of experience to promote the essence of the network


also has four or five years of age on the Internet, blog Laoxu seen brilliant, have seen the rise of many grassroots blog. I have also played in Sina, NetEase, and Baidu space blog. The blog also have feelings. To write this article, it is also a small farmer blog to promote it, but I think it is worth. I believe we will see the same identity after reading. Because the small farmer blog is a kind of spiritual

also can not remember how to enter the small farmer blog, go in after being attracted by her gorgeous interface, after a careful look, can not help but stay. In fact, the blog is not established long, blogger is a entertainment events and social hot events of interest to people, see what is writing, writing is not very good, but very personal, consistent with the public taste.

look at the contents of the article, the illustrations are blogger carefully designed, blogger PS level is not necessarily how superb, but is diligent. Believe that the light to produce a illustrations will have to spend half an hour or an hour, plus the time writing articles, the author calculated, it takes at least 1.5 hours. This diligent attitude, let me not to Blogger with respect. How can Chinese tens of thousands of blog on the Internet, but like this blog, this is the first time to see. This spirit is worth learning, but also a life attitude.

from the above two points, the blogger’s EQ is indeed beyond the average person. At least, I was humbled, on the Internet for four or five years, also wrote the blog a lot, but less than half of the people. Ashamed.

look at the blogger’s article, also visible blogger of thinking clever. The article is the most popular event of the day, whether it is from Baidu search, or Sogou search, you can see the positioning of the blogger has never deviated from this position. I think, this also from the side of the blogger’s well intentioned, she didn’t write any topics, but to write some to meet the public demand for recreational articles, truly think users are thinking, write the Internet users wish to see. From a strategic perspective, is the use of "match up" strategy.

any blog is not perfect, I found that the small farmer blog missing a very important feature that is the search function, light from this point of view, is a failure point. As we all know, the search function allows users to quickly find what they want. This is also an important way to increase the user experience.

well, now for the small farmer blog to play so many ads, but also soft enough, and then come to focus on what can be brought to us from the small farmer blog.

believe that the webmaster friends are struggling how to put your site to spread out, but busy at the end of the day, or have little effect. So we have to look back to the question

in the end what is it? In fact, today’s information age, there is no more secrets, even if it is the master of a few strokes to promote means, but others >

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