Depth analysis of the social security function of Blog

Abstract: blog in our country’s development speed is very fast, but also produced a lot of new social problems. Standardize and guide the smooth development of the blog has become an inevitable trend, but in the specification and guide the development of blog at the same time, blog social safety valve function should be paid attention to, protect and play. Based on this purpose, this paper analyzes the function of social safety valve.

      keywords: blog   social safety valve   analysis

      the word "blog" comes from English Blog, Blog is the abbreviation of Web log, which is the combination of web and log. We generally think the blog is short and frequently updated by the post (i.e. post) consisting of a web page, it is used to express personal thoughts, content, in chronological order, network publishing and communication and constantly update. The blog in China’s development speed is very fast, according to the survey, since 2002, an increase of more than 30 times in the China blog, as of the end of August 2006, Chinese blog (blogger) reached 17 million 485 thousand people, including 7 million 694 thousand active blogs. Along with the development of blog, the new social problems generated by a large amount of blog began to emerge: blog abusive, network pornography, assault, plagiarism…… The new social problems caused by blog have attracted a lot of attention. Some people expect through moral norms to achieve the healthy and orderly development of the blog, related here has been Chinese action: November 16, 2003 blog to blog "blog ethics" issued to comply with the proposal for comments, Chinese bokee.com on 2006 at the beginning of the March re launched the sign "blog Convention", April 19, 2006 the first blog Convention "civilized Internet self-discipline" formally introduced; some people think that the blog management should implement the "real name", "2006" in 2006 September China blog report just released, the negative function as to finish this report’s blog research group Chinese Internet Association received the Ministry of Information Industry Research Blog to restrict the blog.

      to standardize and guide the blog, which is an inevitable process of the development of the blog, the only way to ensure the healthy and orderly blog world. But in the specification and guide the development of the blog, we should try to protect the blog some positive features, let the blog in the social development play a greater role. But the author of the blog in the process of discovery, at present people in judging a regulatory measures can be implemented, mostly from the norms of the implementation of measures, whether the spirit will hurt the blog will affect the development of blog and Chinese negative whether can effectively restrain the influence of the blog. In the case of the lack of research and Research on other social functions of blog, a kind of inappropriate measures may damage the positive function of blog. Author in >

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