You want to start your company lightning scale you have to do these

editor’s note: This article from the submission, the author Dong Fei, founder of Reid Hoffman is about entrepreneurship lecture Linkedin. Reid Hoffman has also served as senior vice president of PayPal. Silicon Valley is one of the most famous angel investors, has invested in more than and 60 start-up companies, including Facebook and Digg. This article was originally published in the WeChat public number "Dong teacher in Silicon Valley" (donglaoshi-123).

original intention

Silicon Valley great it has unique ability to a create is because startups.

Silicon Valley in the global innovation, technology and new industries play a leading role, there are countless entrepreneurs, venture capital, University of science and technology, technology companies have a secret, it can produce these companies from startups to scaleups. The most important thing is scaling up at speed. Many companies in China and Silicon Valley have done so. When you are able to expand rapidly, capture the market quickly, expand revenue and size of the company to face global competition, we call it: blitz-scaling.

to build a company that changes the world is not simply to make a cow X app and find Angel financing. It requires entrepreneurs to build a huge user base and business model, and fast to do. Like Mark Zuckerberg in less than 6 years from the garage to the world’s largest Internet service Facebook.

this time in Standford’s course is Technology-enabled Blitzscaling, caught all the efforts needed in the rapid expansion. This is about how the founder of the great product expansion to a great company. After the end of the course will also write a book is "Blitzscaling".

Each course will cover a

from " household" to; " village" to " nation, " and points in between. to the big coffee including Sam Altman, Elizabeth Holmes (the most controversial valuation of biotech company $9B Theranos founder, Jeff Weiner, Selina Tobaccowalla), Jen Pahlka.


Silicon Valley is the fertile ground for entrepreneurship, there is a you >

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