n order to identify the marketing way to make a webmaster

some people say that the site has become more and more difficult to do SEO, it was also said to change the idea to do search engine marketing, more people say to integrate marketing. However, for most of the webmaster friends, marketing is a vague concept, for web site operators, how to do marketing, marketing mode is suitable for our website? These questions are worth thinking about.

for the site in the end how to have a marketing approach, before the guardian wrote an article about the problem of active marketing and passive marketing. For everyone keen SEO and bidding is a kind of passive marketing category, most of the webmaster is the use of this marketing. Even many webmasters do not understand the search engine marketing, only know how to do traffic, how to marketing, how to profit is still relatively vague. For this, the guardian does not want to involve too much, after all, this situation has been enough on the Internet, the relevant articles are also many.

our website needs what kind of marketing, the concept is to protect the guardian of the initiative, only to take the initiative to marketing in order to have a better income. Therefore, search engine marketing and SEO in this regard is not the focus of this article. Then we say that the passive marketing, there are basically ten types of fiery. Are: blog marketing, forum marketing, micro-blog marketing, e-mail marketing, instant tool marketing (QQ, etc.), portal hard wide marketing, Q & a marketing, video marketing, image marketing and Taobao and other electricity supplier marketing. Active marketing so much, find a way to make your site to get more revenue. How to choose their own website marketing?

1: find your target users like to go.

no matter what we do website, the ultimate goal is to sell, so as to profit. Way wide net is not suitable for today’s environment, because as the netizen everyone more objectionable than advertising. With the fierce competition, wide net can we go? I believe we all know this is not possible, then how to find their target users? In order to practice the truth, so we can according to the way of marketing, up registered in the platform to communicate. For example, registered blog, registration related forums, open micro-blog, do some questions and answers, the use of chat tools, etc.. We will try to find out where their target users like to be, where they get information, where they are keen on.

two: the expansion of their special skills.

for active marketing, we say there are a dozen, in fact just several mainstream, we naturally cannot each doing fine and strong, so we must find their own strengths, to maximize. For example, the guardian is good at writing soft, so I can combine this advantage to do blog and forum marketing, QQ marketing combination. Many webmaster friends all know what love grabbed a little, but does not have its own characteristics, how many users are willing to be marketing, how many users will form.

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