How to do electricity supplier WeChat marketing

WeChat is China’s largest browser traffic. The most energy App Store. Whether it is App or Web resurrection, WeChat will be the largest entrance." – Cheng Ling Feng Yun Technology

WeChat is now the momentum is fierce, any people and companies can not be underestimated the power of WeChat. WeChat launched a public platform has attracted many grassroots, celebrities, bigwigs attention. For businesses, we all hope to profit by WeChat this new platform, the electricity supplier is an important force, although WeChat currently is not perfect, there are many places need to be improved, but it can not stop to enter the WeChat marketing business enthusiasm.

we all know that WeChat is a strong social relationships based on APP, compared with the platform type electricity station burn do promotion, transformation of WeChat’s loyalty is better, higher rate and lower cost. It is based on the inherent relationship between the strong gene WeChat, it does not need to do a lot of fans, like micro-blog, WeChat is the basis of trust, micro-blog passed the message. Furthermore, we don’t trust for the strange things full of instinct, it is recommended WeChat circle of friends to solve this problem, we more than large and famous for the friends of the trust is far, it would be in addition to all the marketing of WeChat marketing outside the most poor.

How to improve the WeChat

business through conversion? The author observed recently, many sellers of this marketing method is not very awesome, get rid of the shadow of micro-blog mode. Micro-blog and WeChat are two very different products, certainly can not copy the operation. The following author on how to carry out electricity supplier WeChat marketing talk about their views.

1, to your new and old customers classification. WeChat public number most sellers are online, so the source will I think to dragons and fishes jumbled together, improving the level of conversion, we must do a good job in the classification of new and old customers, so that our personalized information push. Although the existing functionality of WeChat’s public platform can not meet the needs of electricity providers, but only a grouping function can let us achieve a certain expected results. For example, we will generate a two-dimensional code in the preferential information, set a good way to get customers. When the customer to scan the two-dimensional code, as long as the new customer reply "new" can get preferential information, old customers reply "old" can. Then we classify and add comments according to the customer’s reply, so that we can adjust and update later.

2, positioning must be clear. To know what they are doing, what is a WeChat account information, which is equivalent to nothing. Users only pay attention to what they are interested in. Before we set up a public account, we have to consider our WeChat is a purely promotional channels or a share of the content of the media. For the former, the operation is difficult, the ability to absorb powder is poor, low flow conversion rate, because the user is generally excluded from the mentality of advertising, is our own

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