Pay for the Spring Festival of the enterprise can go far

since 2014, the Spring Festival Red play continuously from the original WeChat blockbuster red envelopes, to show a shake of red, red envelopes to the ground glass password, photos, and then set Wufu, is this year’s AR real red face and red, lively behind, is the payment companies use during the Spring Festival of the population large intersection opportunity for new users for.

in the last few years in the battle for the user, WeChat pay for the opportunity to take advantage of the Spring Festival Red Cross across the market from the mainstream to the mainstream of the market gap, the advantages of backwardness highlights. As a chaser, red innovation and other payment instruments was both less social genes, also caught up with the red product itself "mature", although the product design more and more fun, but users have lost their interests. As we could not find the childhood feeling like the Spring Festival, Lunar New Year’s Eve chicken also find two years before the new year’s Eve staring at the screen of the mobile phone to grab a red envelope of fun, many scenes of the red spring festival has become rigid transceiver, lost interest.

any amazing products have become dull day, chicken in early spring festival, Alipay launched the AR red eye at the same time to win the market, WeChat has announced the launch of special spring festival is no longer red marketing activities (face to face red is just new features, rather than specific marketing budget, based on gold is in red a single niche product promotion, more like a gimmick). In fact, the spring festival marketing window has always been there, but after all, people have been chewing sugar is not sweet, perhaps it is time to say goodbye and red envelopes marketing.

across the divide: pay the company’s life and death line

Geoffrey Moore in "crossing the chasm" a book will be the new product market is divided into the early market and the mainstream market two, early market users are early adopters and insiders, in addition to other users that constitute the mainstream market, the mainstream market users pursue pragmatic strategy, not only want to experience the benefits of new technology that is not willing to withstand the potential risk of new technology, so they tend to wait, and are willing to listen to the views of users early market.

Moore in view, there is a gap between the early market and the mainstream market, the vast majority of new products in the market have to stop here, become a victim of start-ups in the minority, across the gap of the enterprise, it will enter into a broad market space, ushered in a period of rapid growth.

however, the mainstream market is also divided into two categories, namely early mass (accounting for about 1/3) and later mass (accounting for about 1/3). The early mass is a kind of pragmatic attitude, as long as the product is good enough, you can win this part of the customer’s heart; the late mass is a kind of conservative mentality, the only product in all aspects to achieve a "mature" state will be considered. Therefore, even if in the mainstream market, from early to late mass mass market development is also a tough battle.

According to the definition of

Moore, the early market users accounted for about 10% in general, based on the proportion of third party payment products, the real market across the gap only Alipay and >

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