How do make a day ip200 website monthly profit of over ten thousand

how do I make a ip200 on the site over a million monthly profit, when you see it, don’t give up my Bozhuan ah. Then website master, I also put on a horse, ten thousand? In your eyes is too little. Ha ha!

tell you what I do stand experience it, I just make a sales job at a trading company, and the networks is also check out the Internet news, I was never dreamed that I can get into the Internet in this industry, but also a small harvest. Occasionally, in a chat with a friend when asked about his business is how to carry out (he is the business of steel pipe), he said: he is now eighty percent of the sales from the Internet, I ask again, how to do? He said to rely on Baidu promotion. This is the first time I feel the network and life around contact. That is, at that time, there is a friend to do air conditioning maintenance let me help him plan on how to promote the internet. I was absolutely ignorant of network promotion friend let me help, but also to feel shy. There was no way, but to some sort of information released his company information, thought, whether you have no effect, anyway, I helped. In this way, I gave him a half a month to release it. He is excited to call me, said to invite me to dinner, I asked is not winning? He said I sent him information, make him a day to pick up two single, although not too big, but also a breakthrough, we were very happy.

in this way, I have been released from the Internet to him, he has also been connected to some business from the internet. Released about four months, I feel so tired, can’t get a maintenance site to install air conditioning? Do I utterly ignorant of the program code, can only ask people to do, I just want to do website, how can we make people come to my web site. Don’t want to find someone to do optimization, only yourself, check the information from the Internet, a step by step to do their own, hard work pays off, my site through the efforts of my website at Baidu and search keywords air conditioning maintenance local Valley brother class finally ranked in the top five.

to do is the operation of the site, I often listen to do business website chat, let the customer free use of the site, such as the customer more charges, I don’t agree with this view. You think, he is free to get used to, you charge again, do not buy your account. If you charge, he will go to other sites to publish information, because the operation of the site too much, you do not free him free. Don’t you think so? I’m against it, one is not free, I use my spare time to run the client, you may be laughing. What time, but also to run customers. Just make a phone call. But do you think that, now use the telephone marketing too much, you can call, he also call a little sincerity is not, as he spoke there has hung up the phone. In this way, a home air conditioning repair and installation I have run into a friend, but also up my first batch of customers, I was set at the price of a picture advertising is 300-500 yuan, up to more than and 50 of my customers to. You said my collection

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