Fine addition to e mail marketing to be different from the industry

on e-mail marketing, I am sure we are not unfamiliar, relative to the advertising or marketing, email marketing method though a bit like living a good toil, but the message is still will bring considerable conversion rate, no doubt. But compared to WeChat and micro-blog promotion, we don’t do when e-mail marketing messages can be popularized to expect to win, because now the message has been relegated to the second line with us, instead of the WeChat and micro-blog, so not many people read, the only way to enhance the effect of the mail is to improve the quality, accuracy correct to adapt to the crowd.

to tell you the truth, I have done several times before the email marketing, although the effect is OK, but always feel sorry "marketing" these two words, or that the effect is actually better. But I was inspired by an article, since we have limited their own thinking, why not learn the experience from competitors there? Here I will combine several large web mail and we talk about my own reading experience.


this is an email Zhaopin, its overall characteristics are very obvious, is recruited, and in the design elements, Zhaopin as far as possible the use of red and yellow ribbons are prominent warm, in the use of text, Zhaopin is unfailingly, in addition to the necessary job description. No other reports, which highlights the recruitment for job seekers to imagine a psychological, eager to find a job, what is most concerned about, is the salary? No, work place? No, they first want is an interesting job, and you can also from this email marketing experience clues.

but I am from this email to learn according to their own industry needs to consider the issue in the message design, the message must not contain much content, so that job seekers are really interested in and click on the text will be the most successful desire. Of course, this is the recruitment message also has a fatal weakness that is purely the title of the party, if the page is not done simply, I will immediately turn off, the title is what not to say.


this is a public comment on the promotion of e-mail, as a life service web site, which itself can attract enough attention, so there is a guarantee of the click rate. While the in style and obvious recruitment is not the same, a lot of content, but also the pursuit of every rhythm design picture carefully will find it, friend mail as normal as the title of the website, can meet the different needs of the click. In addition, as the most likely upper mail reading public comment clearly pointed out that "support, a refund at any time, no doubt a word to everyone’s heart. Although the content relative to the recruitment of many, but not miscellaneous, actually very useful.

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