Network marketing is the three step layup winning skills

believes that everyone now has a sense that e-commerce will become the mainstream. With the development of technology and the improvement of the Internet, network marketing will not replace the traditional marketing model, but it will be an upsurge.

5 years ago, willing to believe that online shopping should be few, but today, online shopping is a kind of trend, therefore, the Internet is a big market, of course, to today many do network promotion are aware of the increasingly fierce competition. So, do network promotion should be how to grasp marketing opportunity? How to win in this field on the network score? So below about "three shot" scoring skills.

1, strategist, winning thousands of miles away.

network marketing should focus on strategy. What tactics to use? How to seize market share? For e-commerce, product strategy is the center. Like Alibaba, Taobao and Taobao mall in the product are different positioning and different target customers. Then the pricing strategy is the basic point of e-commerce. After all, the choice of online shopping consumer groups are a lot of contrast, so pricing strategy on the success or failure of the basic role of support. The price is too high, others will choose another business; the price is too low, easy to be regarded as inferior products. Network marketing is the face of the entire Internet, then the site strategy is not what the actual existence of the meaning of the fact that is not. Here is the location of the web site". Select those networks, on the site to promote the site is also more important. Only in the right place to meet the needs of the people, then the play.

2, a rainy day, the festival grand debut.

whether it is e-commerce or traditional marketing should focus on "rainy day". Of course, this refers to the scope is too large. Then give two examples, one is the entity of the marketing is an e-commerce. We believe that for "Coca-Cola" is for having heard it many times. Coca-Cola has spent a lot of money to launch a new product for a taste for the packaging. Maybe it’s good, but sales are down. This is why it is because they do not do well in the market before the introduction of new products, the customer’s purchasing psychology is not in place.

and the other one is "Baidu". I think no one does not know Baidu, Baidu launched a red envelope during the Spring Festival Awards activities. The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China, and it is a festival. The New Year everyone will always forget too "red envelopes" this term. Of course, this activity in the Spring Festival debut in the spring festival began planning publicity. It is very important to grasp other festivals and anniversaries in e-commerce marketing. Want in the festival grand debut will need in the day before much thought and effort, after all, online shopping needs some time to put the goods in the hands of.

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