The ultimate form of social marketing

After the advent of social marketing in

, has been keeping up with the pace of business running, soared, in the new situation is various, the slow speed, check its components, research on the development direction of the problem.

social marketing back to see

1, platform diversification

social marketing is closely followed by social networking and the birth of a marketing approach, including marketing and promotion in two areas. Marketing focus on the promotion of the entire program, the formulation of marketing strategies, promotion is focused on the promotion of the implementation of the program in social networks. According to the earliest in the social marketing of Beijing tianxiaxiu CEO Li Meng introduced the main content of social marketing is the analysis of foreign sales and tracking data of CRM system, and the domestic social marketing company according to the domestic media is numerous, and master the quality of social flow, the main content is to carry out social media content marketing and sale of self media resources. WeChat marketing has not yet come out, the main platform for business in micro-blog.

it is understood that under the micro-blog platform through the access port, to establish a strategic partnership with micro-blog, with other companies in the industry do not have the advantage in micro-blog. After that, WeChat turned out to cooperate with WeChat’s social marketing companies have emerged to seize the opportunities in this regard msi. Micro-blog, WeChat, YY, unfamiliar street, all other social platforms has also been a lot of social marketing companies concerned, constitute the marketing social groups.

2, big data turned out to

In addition to the

social platform appeared, the social marketing concern is the big data turned out. The function of a variety of big data in social marketing began flooding the entire network, precision marketing, accurate positioning, personal label terms in a period of time, has become the most popular social marketing company, has also exposed the most frequent words.

3, the program sought after

with time not much difference between advertising procedures purchase, as a part of the promotion, too hot. Insiders said that the program to buy advertising in many social marketing companies have been achieved, but some companies did not use it as a propaganda point, or in the promotion of the noun is not the same. In fact, the process of advertising is a manifestation of the process of marketing, intelligent, saving manpower, capital and the realization of intelligent advertising matching, provides a very critical technical support.

4, native advertising cited concern

today, the most popular form of advertising for native advertising, native advertising is a kind of relationship through the release of information flow in the content value, enhance the user experience of a particular business model. For example, in twitter, it will be a twitter, in Facebook, it will be a new state, in the Buzzfeed, it will be a report.

native advertising to enhance the user experience as the dominant, compared with the traditional advertising model, so that the public more content

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