Cao Xun the accumulation of human resources to do online promotion

China there is an old saying: "the friend" the way, this sentence in what time are not outdated. Shop promotion, set up their own social circle, people who know more behind the road will go. The more the network resources, the wider the circle of communication, the most difficult time to start the promotion stage of the shop is easier to spend.

novice started to shop promotion when you utterly ignorant of, the first thing to do is to meet in master, get advice, the so-called quicken work, own detours as many blind groping consult carefully summarize. This time you industry contacts is important, Never mind set of relationships, relationships, not behind closed doors. Even if there is a relationship between each other to do a small picture links, the promotion of your shop is also very helpful.

has the enlightenment teacher, down to focus on the development of their own potential customer circle, in addition to the friends around you do not have to say, the Internet era should play an active role in the initiative to integrate into the Internet among them.

BBS community is a very good choice, used to love to play happy nets, remember at first he often in participating in community discussion topics, others posting positive interaction, met a lot of friends. Just shop that will be able to say that many of the transactions are from there.

when playing the game with a lot of QQ group, usually on the inside chatting, chatting to have feelings, then everyone questioning the current occupation, literally just said, the shop address share out, did not think there is a deal.

then began to mix the Taobao community, from the most ordinary members to volunteer, and then to the administrator, the last president rong. Shop on their own promotion is also very effective. After all, the community is familiar, all of the product also more trust.

shop in the early stages of the promotion of the most effective is the use of human resources, which is a long-term accumulation of the process, slow, but really, there are explosive potential. To obtain qualitative quantitative change to a certain extent, it is very much.

article source: Cao Xun blog (www.caoxun1129.com)

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