Local portal marketing five ways to improve advertising RO

local portal in the business segment, and has been facing the problem of advertising ROI. ROI advertising is the return on investment than the investment, our customers have gradually learned to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, large businesses talk about indicators, small businesses talk about the results. ROI cannot be improved, there is no hope for renewal.

analysis of advertisers in the local portal site concerns, nothing more than the following 2 points:

1, local portal advertising accuracy issues. Vertical portal looks very precise, and the local portal looks very inaccurate. So, ROI becomes a way to say the problem.

2, ROI is the boss of the boss of the marketing team assessment indicators. ROI looks so good, for the assessment of the marketing team, and then appropriate.

advertising ROI indicators, advertisers are angels, the site is the devil. So, how to overcome local portal site ROI?

first, build a vertical channel, establish a professional image.

for the vertical operation of large industries, is to solve the problem of advertisers precision marketing means, but also a way to dig the value of the flow depth. Traffic by industry classification, professional information filtering, become accurate pure, in line with the intention of advertisers. At the same time, the depth of specialization operation, but also help to provide users with more valuable services.

however, the following two conditions need to be considered vertical operation:

· market with sufficient space. The imagination of the future to support investment, must have a broad prospect.

· sufficient profit space.

two, the use of a reasonable channel, revitalize the site traffic resources.

each PV may have value, each IP may be behind the real consumer customers. Must learn to use the site of each channel, learn to upgrade the flow of technology into value.


channel has nothing to do with these:

· home advertising. Significant location, high flow, high cost. Big advertisers like, small advertisers can not afford.

· home page text chain. The best location for embedded advertising.

· a variety of internal pages, detailed pages. Not accurate, but the amount is very large, a.

· forum read page, inside pages.

three, in the advertising design efforts, design a variety of programs to monitor the flow of different programs.

we must realize that good design has a great impact on the results. Professional media companies for large portal advertising monitoring are in hours. Design of multiple sets of different programs of advertising, real-time monitoring results, for the promotion of ROI is very

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