Discussion on the profit model of stock website prospect analysis website

09 years of the birth of a number of shares of a wave of big market sites, many webmaster is to follow the trend in stocks, with new investors, the Baidu search just the word stock can be seen, I studied these sites, most of them are garbage sites, a quality site is still relatively small, most in order to optimize and make a station, the purpose is very pure, is to do rankings, earn advertising fees, an article before the author also talked about the current stock website. Some of the profit model, slightly today website operation details from the website expansion, stock status, position, profit model, promotion aspects to explore and give hope to do stock website owners a little inspiration.

in accordance with the site’s revenue standards, the stock market can now be roughly divided into 4 levels:

a traditional media support and the background of large companies listed companies, such sites are:, news, finance, securities Star, Chinese securities network, gold online.

two has a certain ability and window 2 second site, this kind of site or have a certain user base, either in the stock segmentation field has a space for one person in this website, sites such as the ideal forum, a city network, old bank, China financial fund world, etc..

three of the third types of site’s revenue capacity than the second kind of site is slightly worse, the basic is a personal site, but is like some of the second line closer to the site, this kind of Web site too much, it is not here advertising.

four revenue capacity is low, or very little, the basic point of union money, the content of a strong repeatability, a little garbage station nature, follow the obvious features of some sites.

simple introduction of these types of stock sites, we began to give their own positioning, combined with their own resources and strength, to see what they can do on the site. Site positioning is very important, just like the central idea of the article, the location of a clear site, the user will be open to know the core value of the site where. So, I suggest the webmaster for a long time to consider this problem in the website before, so as not to do out of the site pianti serious. So what kind of stock sites should we do? I classified the stock market can be located from the following aspects:

is a large vertical professional stock website: positioning of the site testing in main funds and the strength of the entrepreneur, this kind of website depends on individual ability is difficult to become bigger and stronger, huge update information will consume you a lot of time, the financial media attention is practical and editing capabilities, so do you want to stand in this group, a plan has the strength to come.

two stock data provided: site positioning is very clear, is to provide some valuable data for investors and friends. For example, super win data, listing formula data, stocks and other diagnostic data.

three stock subdivision site: if you can locate stock book browsing, stock video >

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