On the promotion of the article site

I just do the network soon, is a rookie, here a few words look at elder people boast without shame, forgive me. Here I would like to talk about my article to promote some of the views of the network.

1, the article wants more people to look at the network, the premise must be better content, to fine, each article should be carefully reviewed. A lot of friends for convenience, a collection by acquisition software, we make a hundred thousand articles a day, and do not say to do the search engine on your station at (day N article, one day a is not added, now the search engine will determine the quality), is not to pass the. The bulk collection articles you haven’t a check? You don’t know this there is no garbage article? You don’t know the layout is good? You don’t know. Well, see you spectators site article, if he points into a piece of waste paper or typesetting very good articles, he looked like a will see? The answer is affirmative, not to see, often many details of the place lost many opportunities, lost a lot of spectators. So the article must be added manually, their own look at an article, I think this article is good, and then added to their site, do not be afraid of trouble, you do it carefully, the return will be gradually reflected.

2, or soft Wen promotion, the article network of soft text promotion is particularly important. You have to do is the article net ah, so you write the soft Wen is not good, the reader see hi do not like, it is directly related to whether they will come to see your article nets. So do not write in order to write soft text, to be careful, to hold their own experience so that more people know the mentality of writing, so that people will look at the article to see your site. Also, the advantage of the article is to write a wide range of soft, you can cast different types of Web site, think about how to write the soft wen.

3, search engine landing, web site submitted to the site, and so do not say, those who have already said a lot of popular predecessors. On the network promotion blog is also very important, we can use the advantage of the website, create your own blog in the blog website, then every day from his article a few articles on the net to pick boutique each own blog, indicating the origin of the article. With your blog every day update, search engines will be included in your blog, the chain increased invisibly, increasing the site by clicking on the probability, so is every day. There is a little promotion method is also very important, every day is looking for a new blog, see the nice post included the article in the network, and then post the following message: "Hello, your blog has been certain article included, thank you for your articles, we will indicate the author of the article, we welcome you to site to watch." The benefits of doing so are two, first, the site of the article content, and many of the original article. Second, the blog to write articles people generally like to see the article, he saw his article was so certain web site included, will go to see, if you feel that the article nets good, natural will come next time.

4, Baidu know, ask, know