My view domestic video site is free movie station

      I was doing personal garbage entertainment network, some of the key words in the TV series in Baidu rankings are very close to the front, recently found a lot of position by the domestic major video network to seize the most ruthless count? Bean net, robbed me several positions, huh, huh? Is the bean network video network in the most famous one, SEO optimization is much better than other video stations, and even the Baidu video network did not get good rankings in Baidu position, also don’t know how they work, open the Baidu search to see the most popular TV series, the first row the name of the movie is the basic video station, look at the video network itself, the basic is to rely on several recent TV film pull popularity, TV drama has many people look at a sticky and good advantage. Here I talk about my own views on the development of the domestic video station.

      1, video stations do not engage in free movies to watch, video sites in China, as the saying goes, things are right, but chose the wrong time to do. How many people have Chinese video recording tool, how many people will use the network upload function, how many people are willing to upload their own videos, this is Chinese’s reality, only to rely on the original video upload to die? Beans network first understand this point, poured into the TV series, movies, online entertainment viewing areas, so as to stabilize the ground, traffic can let VC are satisfied? The name of the beans slowly beyond the popularity of other video stations. I am not their support, in front of the name to add it? Haha.

      2, here to persuade other video stations as soon as possible, the road is now a video station to fight the guise of free film station! Some copyright problems, try not to do the domestic, Hong Kong and Taiwan the United States is not a big problem, can be hard, the best online incorporate some professional studio recording uploaded every day, give a good price for the studio will work hard, and it is not to say that the quality of life. The most important point is that you can find a scapegoat when someone told the copyright problem, but these sheep are not caught, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

      3, do search optimization, big companies do not care about SEO search is the wrong thing, the light by burning advertising is not enough, according to see who SEO do well in PR weight about the case, who is the front row.

      4, in addition to the PPS like PPLIVE network television to make a suggestion, you can reach the video station ranks, add video playback software on the upload function is a very simple thing, since the video station can do free film and television, network television can also do the original video.

      5, and then to the individual to do the free film owners are advised to turn it into a video station, so that the relative reduction of copyright issues, but also with the trend of the times, >