How far is WeChat from marketing

remember the crazy beginning? Do WeChat marketing can make money, low cost and high output, do not understand? To listen to my training 19999 yuan, WeChat forum colors ranging from, to emphasize the user experience Zhang Xiaolong had repeatedly stressed that WeChat is not doing marketing, is to do service.

in an uproar after, had to pay tuition fees of enterprises began to reflect, WeChat did not master the clamor of that artifact! Really can not do marketing. Mobile IM is an essential thing, how can carry the heavy responsibility of marketing? How can do CRM? How can we save the decadent economic situation there is no innovation products of the enterprises? And how to change your heart which never wake up the traditional marketing mode of the heart.

subscription number push has cooled

Since WeChat launched the

subscription number and service number, upgrade service number are dead, because they do not provide what cattle B service, maintain the subscription number is crumbling, open rate decreased more than 50%. In terms of enterprise subscription number, can not and will not be able to make an excellent subscription platform. It’s easy to ask yourself, do you want to focus on the public number of a product that’s been pushed all day long?

(Note: subscription number for the media and individuals to provide a new way of information dissemination, build a better communication and management between the reader and model. Such as our official WeChat account hisocialbeta SocialBeta is the subscription number, only 1 times a day to send information to the audience.


service number is only rich handsome new toy

has retained the service number, basically is the banks and operators, they have enough budget, small 200 thousand, H5 is 3 million of the development costs, promotion costs do not say, some of the cumulative investment of ten million level fast, but not to the zombie is the prize idiotic powder, user data at every fall, awful shout for help.

engaged in a new media marketing veteran who told me that in the real estate as an example, micro-blog and WeChat why companies are willing to pay, the main reason is that really let those years no creative "marketing director" to the big bosses back. Please.

small and medium-sized enterprises, even if there is a database of enterprise, also did not carry out the "services", on the one hand is the Tencent does not provide a good solution, on the other hand, enterprises do not have the service gene, domestic enterprises are still "short-lived business thinking". Good to say, business owners are smart owners, before being cheated by micro-blog, the WeChat can no longer be fooled.

(Note: WeChat services to businesses and organizations to provide more powerful business services and user management capabilities to help companies quickly achieve a new public number service platform. Such as WeChat public account China Merchants Bank is a service number, if you are a cardholder, can quickly check the credit card bill, and the amount of repayment, the bill for rapid integration; staging; WeChat artificial transfer service; consumer credit card, WeChat free Bibi >